Too Easily.

I can literally feel my face flushing red when it happens. I try to convince myself that I'm not, or that it's not noticeable until someone points it out: "Aww, you're blushing." Then it just becomes worse.

I wish I didn't blush so easily. It's at the most pointless times as well, and even when I'm not that embarrased or just under pressure. It makes me even more embarrassed when it happens, so it makes me go redder...

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That's sweet :) Blushing can feel embarrasing no matter what the situation is though.

I hate that :S It's awkward because it's such an obvious outward sign of what you're feeling. I suppose the blushing looked cute too?? hahaha I don't know...but I'm sure he didn't look down on you. But seriously, it has a slightly mortifying effect because it's embarrassing in itself.

ahhahahahha<br />
omgosh im the same way. and it happens at the wierdest times. i was checking out at the store and an old friend(okay he was a cutie) was the cashier. my face got hot and hejust smiled (ughh im blushing right now remembering it) lol i really didn't think anyone else was really like that. 8S

It depends on my mood. Sometimes I have that mindset where I truly don't care or I can at least act as if I don't care, which is almost the same thing. But there are times when I can't help it and it gets to me. I'm not as bad as I used to be on that matter though. I find that when others are self-conscious, I make up for it by reassuring them and being more "confident." <br />
"It's a matter of believing in yourself." - That is so true. I see it in people all the time. It's harder when it's me who needs to do the believing however.

It's a good point :) a great way to say it. "Pretend that nobody notices/cares that you've screwed up." You really become what you think. You can make others think what you think as well. It's a matter of believing in yourself. Emotions are really contageous.

What did my friend say? Well it was a rather long discussion, but the highlights were that I could be a whole lot happier if I wasnt so worried with what people think of me and that others arent evaluating me as much as I think they are. It certainly does feel like they are all the time, but I've just realized that the only reason it feels like that is because I think they are. You'd be surprised how different things are if you just pretend that nobody notices/cares that you've screwed up.

They really don't evaluate you that much? It sure feels like they do. What did your friend say?Nevermind...what's done is done. I'm still here, so I survived haha.<br />
You're so lucky that it's not noticeable when you blush. You can just pretend that you're calm and collected :) I have quite light skin, so it is very obvious unfortunately.

Dont worry about that whole incident in psychology class. I recently learned from a close friend that people arent evaluating you as much as you think they are. <br />
I blush too, especially after public acts of clumsiness. Luckily for me, its not really obvious since my skin is darkish. If you dont draw attention to it, or make it obvious that you are embaressed, chances are no one else will notice either.

You had wasted everyone's time for being human. That happens to anybody :)

I'll try. The last time it happened, I was in psychology class and we had to write out a list of words for our partners to recall in a memory experiment. I thought I had done it wrong, so I apologised and wrote it out again whilst the whole class waited for me. I was so red in the face :S My friend kindly said so. It turned out I had done it correctly the first time round and I had wasted everyone's time for nothing. Doh! <br />
Thanks for the tip though.

I have blushing problems as well, and it sure makes it a lot worse when someone points it out. But the thing I found that really helps when you feel your face becoming red is to snap out of whatever you're doing or thinking and then take a couple of deep breaths :) It helps me stay calm so it might help you too.