My Mother Was Part Tomato, Damn G.m...

I blushed today.  It was in my German class.  There's heaters all along the walls which takes the chill off the air and makes for a more conducive blushing atmosphere.  I had this scarf on that I didn't wanna take off cause.. the neck of the shirt I was wearing isn't my favourite shape.

Anyway I had to give an impromptu weather forecast (die Wettervorhersage) of somewhere dry.  Madrid was nominated.  I scrawled something down quite quickly without realising I'd have to deliver it in a moment or two.  

I warned everyone against the terrible pronunciation and then I stood up and in halting German told everyone to drink lots of water and watch out for Spanish bushfires for the next three days!  Normally I'm okay with public speaking, but in another language it's terrible!  I could feel my face burning as I laughed at myself. 

I probably blush more than I realise, but today I definitely was aware of it.  And that's my most recent little blush story.

Der rosa Wetterprophet.

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4 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I'm ashamed that I can't blush... <br />
<br />
wait - I'm blushing! Yay

If hue want to change the colours of your face hue can do it easily with the help of like, Photoshop, or my phone does it as well on its little editing function, or hue can maybe just down some bad eggnog.

No fair. I want to distort the colors of my face without liver failure.

Judging by your profile picture I'd say you might not be able to notice the blush with all those greeny tones in your complexion.. and your hair's maybe doing enough blushing for the rest of you. :)