It Was An Accident, Honest

This morning as I was about to put body-wash on the puff I realized it wasn't body-wash but shampoo & conditioner 2-in-1. As I had been in the habit of shampooing my hair and using the excess left on my hands to clean my butt I figured there would be no problem with doing the rest of my body with it. I had more of that stuff anyway. So, I continued. But as I did so I realized that the offending bottles (illustrated in the avatar to please Pixelita) were arranged differently than I usually have them. I bet I did it yesterday and maybe even the day before without realizing.

As I was about to do my privates I realized that this mix-up was probably the cause of the burning sensation at the tip of my penis when I had urinated yesterday. The burning lessened during the day so I figured I didn't have an STD. So, today I didn't force the shampoo into my urethra and I made sure I rinsed well, very well.

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2 Responses Feb 18, 2010


I've done this before. At least mine all smell the same.