Anne Hart 2

Madam Anne walks into her office jugalugs is on his knees by her desk she walks up to him and grabs him by his ears she start to pull and twist the jug ears my car was dirty did I not tell you to clean it . Yes goddess I was going to do it this afternoon well shrimp **** that not good enough Anne pull him over her knee she still has her leather gloves on she spits on her glove and rubs the spit into dumbo face his little **** goes rock hard jugalugs what's that I can feel on my leg it feels like a needle **** hahaha she then starts to spank him hard his *** is red by the time she is finished jugalugs your *** is as red as your ears hahahaha right my friend will be here soon so you better be good or I will get her to spank you as well now my son Steven is going out to a party and needs a date he like your girlfriend Suzanne and want to **** her with his big hard **** I bet she needs a real man rather than a little **** wimp I bet she can't even feel your **** hahaha I want you to call her and tell he Steven want to take her out please madam Anne I don't want to please I'm begging not Suzanne please shut up dumbo ears iv made my mind up so shut up now call her no give me her number now Anne fails her number hello Suzanne this is Anne your boyfriends boss yes he fine he working very hard with that Anne looks at jugalugs and says lick my boots big ears now Suzanne here's sorry what did you just say Anne sorry Suzanne I was talking to your boy friend his main job is to lick all my boots and shoes clean he's very good you should see the wimp licking my boots like his life depended on it naked with his little stiff **** not that you can call it a click more of a shrimp **** hahaha he such a wimp Anne spits on dumbo over and over Suzanne asks what was that Anne laughs I'm spitting in his face that all he deserve any way ringing to see if you would like to go out with my son Steven he like you a lot and would love to get to know you better that right I'm sure you would love to and say jugalugs your girlfriend would love to go out with Steven hahaha she then starts to rub his little **** slowly with her boot well Suzanne if you come to my office you can have a chat with Steven ok see you in an hr oh don't worry about pin **** he will say thank you to Steven if you want he will kiss your boots and ask you to go out with Steven see you soon Anne puts the phone down laughs load haha dumbo she can't wait to meet Steven when she sucks and ducks him she will never want you baby **** again with dumbo **** from Anne rubbing her boot on his little **** omfg you wimp it's turning you on I bet you would like to suck his **** as well after it been up Suzanne *** with that Steven come in he looks at dumbo Anne tell him about Suzanne he laughs I can't wait to **** her I will **** her all night Anne laughs well dumbo what do you say to Steven please Steven will you take Suzanne out he say ok just for you but first I'm horny he gets his **** out and start to ***** slap dumbo with it Anne laughs load look getting beating by a **** what a wimp suck it jugalugs suck now Steven forces his **** in his mouth Anne take s pictures you sissy **** sucker wait till I show Carole with that Carole come in omfg what's going on here Anne say jug ears is a sissy **** suck they all start to laugh Carole says when you done sucking his big Vick you can lick my *** clean it very sweaty Anne say ya and mind
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Jan 9, 2013