Change Good Or Bad..

Sometimes I sit and wonder if change is a good thing or if it is a bad thing. All I know for me change hurts especially if I don't want things to change. I need a change,lord knows i need one. But the type of change I need is for things to stay the same but get better. I realize that is not how the world works , It's not fair to me but that is just how it is. I am scared of my future because I am afraid of change. I am afraid to be out of my comfort zone. I have a beautiful family that I want to stay together. Its just scary. Living with BPD has ruined my life its making me want to spend quality time with everyone that I truly care about. I think that if BPd doesn't kill me STRESS will, very soon. I have nothing but negative things coming my way. I'm over stressed and more depressed then I have ever been in my life. I just pray for strength to get through this difficult time I am going through.God knows what is best for me all I know is that I do not want to be this way anymore, I don't.!!! Please keep my family together,PLEASE!!
rd2btrme rd2btrme
26-30, F
Dec 5, 2012