Hubby Lends Me To A Friend In Need

This happened around the end of the 2011 year. My hubby's friend Trevor who is a Marine was coming home for the holidays and would be staying with us. Trevor asked my hubby if he could say I was his wife and that the house and everything was his to his buddies in his unit. He wanted to show off that he had a nice house and happy wife to come home too. My hubby agreed so we took out everything about our marriage out of the house so they wouldn't suspect anything.

The night of the dinner came, and the guests arrived pretty much all on time. Trevor said they were 2 Marines higher rank then him attending, a First Lieutenant and Captain, while the other 3 were his comrades. Only the 1st Lieutenant and one of his comrades brought a lady friend along. Trevor introduced my hubby as a close family friend and dinner proceeded without any problems. After dinner, we migrated to the living room where they were retelling their war stories of what they've seen and the horrors of losing fellow comrades. Everyone had some wine to drink until the Captain went to his car and grabbed a bottle of some Cordon Bleu and poured everybody shots. The 1st Lieutenant and his wife were the first to leave because they were really tired and getting drunk. Moments later two of Trevor's comrades leave also, leaving only my hubby, me, Trevor, the Captain, Trevor's comrade Joel, and Mimi, Joel's spanish fiance. Things started getting a bit more personal after they left and we were taking a couple more shots. The Captain, who was also black, asked why I liked being with a black man since I'm such a small Vietnamese lady. He says he's seen Trevor's **** and asked if I liked big ****. My hubby was the one who answered for me, he told him not only did I like big ****, but I liked it in numbers too. The Captain asked Trevor if it was true and he answered telling him he's trained me to be a proper house wife. Mimi looked at me and told me I didn't look like that type of woman. Trevor told her I know it's a woman's job to satisfy her man's needs, before he could go on, I told her I just want my hubby to be happy since he was doing a service for his country, which I live in. I don't want him to have to worry about me when he's stationed afar. He told me how he likes it how Vietnamese women are so obedient to their husbands, and told us a story about an incident that happened during the Vietnam War, which i'll tell you another day. After his story, he asked if I was going to show Trevor how thankful I was that he was doing the country I was living in a great service. I was a little drunk by now and told him I'mm do whatever it takes to keep him happy and stress free. Mimi tells me I'm not the only one who'd do anything to make their other happy. She was also a little drunk and told us about how it made happy it makes Joel when she gives herself up as a reward to him for protecting our country. The Captain told her Spanish woman have always done whatever they can to relieve their husband of any problems. Joel says it's not because he's her husband she likes to make him happy, but its because he's white, she does. It makes her hot being used by a white man. Mimi just face turned red with embarrassment, but the Captain told her its nothing to be ashamed of, since there was another person in the room like her, but liked to be used by a black man; he looks at me right after. Trevor asked Mimi if she ever had a black **** before and she said she hasn't since black men always intimidated her. Joel who was a little drunk told Mimi she can try out chocolate if she wants, but she didn't. I then see my hubby whisper something in Trevor's ear and then look at me. Trevor then tells me to come and suck his **** so everyone can see what a great wife he has. I knew my hubby was behind this so I walk over and got on my knees and got his **** out of his pants. Trevor started wagging his **** at me and asked me if I liked his black ****. I told him I loved his black **** very much and began sucking. Next thing I knew, the Captain sat next to Trevor on the couch and pulled out his **** too, telling me since I loved black **** so much, I can have another one. Though the Captain was somewhat old, his **** was still hard as a rock, and almost as big as Trevors'. Trevor said I got to show him respect since he was a higher ranking officer then him. I took the Captain's hard **** in my mouth and started sucking on it. The Captain started becoming more aggressive and grabbed my head to pound his **** hard in my mouth. The Captain told Trevor he wished his wife was like me and how he got me to be so devoted. Trevor told him to just show her who the man is. Just whip out his **** and tell her to suck it, don't ask, her woman instincts will come out and she'll listen. The Captain asked if he was making me suck his **** right, but Trevor shoved my head lower and told him to make me take the whole thing. Trevor told him if he wants his wife to respect him as a man, then he has to show her who the man is, and that theres no better way to show her then with his ****. Make her see that it's her job as a woman to keep satisfy a man. Trevor grabbed my hair and pulled my head to his ****, I put his **** in my mouth before he could tell me. The Captain praised Trevor at how good he trained me, then grabbed my head and said it was his turn. I saw Joel and my hubby standing over Mimi as she had both their ***** in her mouth. Trevor told Mimi to treat my hubby good even though he isn't a soldier, he was a still harding working tax paying American. The Captain tries to say he does believe in femininity if the woman is independent,but if her husband is taking care of her, then the wife should be doing whatever she can to keep her husband happy since she doesn't have to go to work and get to eat and live for free in a house. My hubby told the Captain his belief on how woman are all very beautiful and should be shared, and not kept to one man. He thinks all woman have 3 holes for a reason, to please more then 1 guy at a time. A guy can only **** 1 woman at a time, but a woman can take 3 dicks at a time. The Captain agrees with my hubby that woman were meant to pleasure men, but still believes independent woman don't have to be at a man's mercy if they can hold there own. For them, they can be receiving pleasure by 3 *****, not giving them pleasure. For woman who do nothing while their man is away doing service or working a job and putting on the table, then it should be that woman's duty to be her man's entertainment after working so hard. Trevor got up to use the restroom so I went back to the Captain's ****. He liked the fact that he didn't even have to ask and I began sucking on his ****. I could hear him moaning in so much pleasure, telling me how much of a good girl I was and how much his **** was loving me. He then grabs me and pulls me up so that I sat down on his ****. He starts helping me go up and down his **** and I couldn't stop myself from moaning. He starts asking me if I liked having his big **** in my *****, if I liked being a ****. His **** felt really good so I kept screaming yes, yes, yes!! Which got him even more excited. I looked over and saw Mimi being spit roasted by my hubby and Joel. My hubby had her sucking his ****, treating her as if she was a servant meant to satisfy. Joel was pounding her ***** telling her she was his toy for him and his friends to enjoy. Trevor comes back and stands up on the couch so that I can suck on his **** while bouncing up and down on the Captain's. Trevor told me since he's the Captain, he can do whatever he wants with me. The Captain tells me to hop off and suck on his **** again and when I put it in my mouth he starts making me deepthroat his ****, making me choke and tear up. Trevor tells the Captain he can have me to himself for now and have me do whatever pleases him. I tried asking if there was another guy who wanted to **** me while I sucked the Captain's ****, but the Captain just shoved his **** hard in my mouth, telling me to shut up. He said Trevor lent me to him, so he was going to enjoy me to himself. He tells the other guys that he thinks a woman's mouth isn't meant for talking, since all they do is nag and complain. A woman's mouth was to just eat and suck **** and let the men do the talking. Mimi tries to defend us, but Joel shoved his **** hard in her *** before she could finish her sentence, making her squel in pain. He tells her theres a **** in front of her, and its her duty to pleasure it. Joel starts pounding harder on her *** til she just starts sucking my hubbys **** again. The Captain gave Joel a good job at keeping his ***** in control. He told us, for the night, we weren't seen as woman anymore, but as toys for a hard working American man. We had no say in anything and whatever they wanted to do to us, they were allowed to. When the Captain asked if I understood, I just continued to suck and nodded my head. Joel then asked Mimi if she understood the Captain's order, but she hesitated a bit, still sucking on my hubby's ****. Joel starts pounding her *** hard again, making her tear up in pain. When she couldn't take it anymore, she yelled at 'yes I understand, we're your toys for tonight, please play with me however you want. Trevor who couldn't stand just watching anymore, told Joel he wants to give Mimi's ***** a try. He tells my hubby to get off and let him sit there. He then grabbed Mimi and sat her with her back against his chest and his **** in her *** with her ***** spread wide open, inviting a **** to enter. Mimi tries to plea with Trevor that she's already in pain and to not shove it in, but Trevor just tells her to take it like a good *****. Mimi's face looked like she was in a lot of pain when Trevor entered her. She kept taking deep breathes as he started stroking harder and faster and Joel was stroking in her ***. Mimi was starting to get really loud so the Captain told my hubby to shut her up so my hubby stood on the couch and shoved his **** in her mouth while she was getting DP'd. Mimi's painful moans started changing into Moan's of pleasure. The guys all laugh at her, telling her how much of a **** she is for liking it. How she was a **** for loving the two big ***** in her. Joel asked her if she liked having 3 ***** at a time and this time she answered yes right away, still with my hubby's **** in her mouth. Joel asked her if she knows its her job to satisify hungry *****. She agreed that it was her job and the 3 of them kept pounding her while I was still sucking the Captain's ****. He had me watch her get ****** in all her holes, telling me thats the reason why I have 3 holes. He said my holes are for men to stroke their ***** in whenever they want to keep them happy. When the 3 of them took their ***** out to rotate holes, Mimi got on her knees and started begging for them to put it back in, taking their ***** in her mouth. The 3 of them surrounded her face with their ***** and started slapping her face and making her suck. The 3 of them took turns choking her with their *****, Joel told Mimi to get ready for Trevor's **** to be in her mouth. She sucked Trevor's **** and begged him not to do it since she knew it was going to really hurt since his **** was slightly longer and a bit thicker too. Trevor held her face down to see how long she can hold his **** in her mouth and made her gasp for air. Joel did it next, telling her she can't deny her holes to anyone. Joel kept choking her, asking her if she understood that she was their toy and that she had no right to say no. Since she didn't respond at first, Joel sat her down on the couch and T-Bagged her with his **** in her mouth. I can hear her gasping for air, begging him to stop, telling him she understood and that she'll take their ***** wherever they wanted to put it. The Captain then tells me he's tired of having me suck his **** and tells me to bend over. He lubes his **** with spit and positions it for my ***. I was going to protest, but decided not to. I just took it like a good girl for him. I wasn't use to having black **** in my *** so it was really painful, but I tried to make the least noise possible. I saw Mimi on top of Trevor riding her, with my hubby behind her ******* her ***. Joel came and sat down right in front of me and waved his **** at me. I put it in my mouth and start sucking right away. He tells Mimi thats how she needs to be when a **** is in front of her, to just suck it and not say anything.The Captain knew his **** was hurting me in my *** so he pounds even harder and faster, telling me keep taking it. I had to just focus on sucking Joel's **** to not think of the pain. Joel was loving my *******, telling Mimi she needs to get better at sucking ****. The two of them just pound away at Mimi, telling her Joel was enjoying me more then her to make her jealous. I heard one of them tell her Joel was taking a liking to me and might not want to come back to her. They told her she wasn't good at satisfying her man so he had to find pleasure else where. Joel starts moaning in pleasure, telling Mimi how good I was making him feel. Mimi starts begging for Joel to come back and that she'll get better at sucking **** for him. She tells him if he wants her to be a **** then she will be for him, she'll make every **** she tells her to make ***. Joel tells her to prove to him she'll do what she says so she starts moving her body with the rhythm she's getting pounded, telling Joel to watch her satisfy his friends *****. The Captain switches holes and shoves it in my *****, letting out a loud moan. He starts comparing my ***** to the ones he's had in Vietnam, telling me my ***** feels better since it's been broken in and opened for big ****. The Captain stops and says he's ready to switch toys. My hubby and Trevor get off so the Captain can choose which hole he wants. He slides under her and has her on all fours with him under, shoving his **** into her *****. My hubby pounds her *** and Trevor puts his **** in her mouth. She starts gobbling on his ****, making Trevor moan really loud. She tells Joel she'll practice til she can meet his standards. I can tell Trevor was loving her gobbling his **** down. Trevor starts making her nose touch his stomach as she sucks his ****, making her tear up. When she got up for air, she told Joel she'll keep practicing til she doesn't gag and tear up and puts Trevor's **** right back in her mouth and tries to deepthroat. The Captain wanted a try so Trevor got up and starts pounding my *****. She takes the Captain's **** and starts deepthroating him too, making herself gag. The Captain starts being aggressive on her mouth and keeps trying to shove his **** all the way in, making her gasp for air. She didn't stop him though and kept taking it. Joel was the first to ***, ******* in my mouth and on my face, telling Mimi how good it felt to get his **** sucked by me. She starts sucking on the Captain's **** even harder, you can even hear the slurp noises shes making since she was slobbering so much. The Captain pulled out and shot a huge load on her face, letting out a long sigh. Trevor tells Joel to move since he's about to dump his load. With my hubby still ******* her ***, she grabs both Joel and the Captain's limp **** and sucks on it dry. Trevor shot his load all on my forehead and hair, then made me suck it clean afterwards. The two of us kept blowing the 3 men sitting on the couch, but the Captain told us there was one more person who hasn't been relieved yet and he needs to be relieved before we work on them again. My hubby pulls out her *** and stands up so that we both turn around and get on our knees. Mimi tells me since its her ***, she'll clean it and starts sucking my hubbys **** clean while I sick on his balls. He wanted us to make out with the tip of his **** in the middle so we did. We start making out while both lickhing his head til he shoved his **** in Mimi's mouth and shot his load. Joel and Mimi cleaned up and left a bit afterwards since it was really late. The Captain stayed in a guest bedroom while my hubby, Trevor and I we're in our room. Once we were settled in, both their ***** were rock hard again, but I just sucked them til they cummed again and fell asleep. In the morning, as I was preparing coffee for everyone, the Captain walks into the kitchen. Once he's right next to me, he grabs me and lays me on the floor. I tried to scream, but he put his hands over my mouth and took off his pants. When he took his hand off, I tried screaming but was soon stuffed with a **** in my mouth. He just lays over my head and starts pounding his **** into my mouth. When my hubby walked in, I know he was liked seeing me forced to suck his ****. I felt relieved my hubby was now there so I didn't panic anymore. I felt my hubby take off my shorts and start ******* me. The Captain didn't take too long to *** and shot in my mouth; he then leaves to the bathroom to freshen up. Trevor comes in soon after and takes off his pants right away. My hubby made me suck his **** and gave Trevor my *****, but Trevor just wanted a ******* since it was still early so they sat at the kitchen table while I was undering blowing them both til they cummed. The Captain stayed with us for another 2 days before he had to leave to go back to his station where his wife also is. I was the Captain's ***** while he stayed with us.
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