I have always had a pantyhose fetish. When i was 16 i had a lady who lived by me who worked in a bank and always wore hose. I would see her going to work and say hello to her and look at her perfect legs and petite body and short skirt. She was about 35 at the time. She would wear shiny leggs hose to work and i would jack off to her at night. I wanted to smell her hose after a longs day work . One day i was walking home when i was passing her house and saw she had just bought a vacum cleaner but was having issues carring it in. I asked her if she needed help and she said ok yes. As i walked close to her i started to tremble and felt nervous because she looked so good and hot and i wanted her usedpantyhose. I carried it in her house and she said thank you and tried to give me money for the help.I had thats okay and i asked if i could use the bathroom. I was going to see if there were any used hose for me. As i walked in there were no hose anyware and i was so dissappointed. I heard the phone ring while in the bathroom and i heard her heels click to answer it. I opened the door to the bathroom silently and heard talking a distance away. I walked slowly to the masterbedroom and entered her bathroom trembling and nervous but excited. There i seen the dirty hamper and opened to find some sweet used leggs brown hose. I wanted to jack off on them but i grabbed my treasure put them in my pocket and told the lady thanks for letting me use the barthroom and went home and smelled and licked every inch of those  sweet smelling feet and crotch  areas and jacked off all over them.

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I have had similar experiences with recently worn pantyhose - glad you enjoy the thought of licking and sniffing the feet and crotch areas! Matches my kinky desires perfectly.

I agree...........

Great story.... the buzz of finding hose like that is a real turn-on. I think the thrill of the prize coupled with the fear of getting caught is a great feeling. Thanks for sharing the story.