Ok, I Was Very Nervous

In my younger days, proms were still predominantly part of American culture t and hadn't taken root over here in the UK. How I envied the girls in America in not only being able to go to the prom and being able to wear the delicious dresses, but also to see they had junior and senior proms (and not forgetting the Homecomings either). I enjoyed seeing the Prom dress collections and to see any pictures of the proms themselves. I kinda liked that it was an American thing at the time, because if I had wanted to go to prom, it would have had to have been in ones of those sensuous dresses, and that would not have gone down well in my school. But it did not stop me buying a beautiful chiffon dress with velvet top which has been worn so many times since. But I was very nervous and must have looked a complete idiot as I debated, for what seemed hours. to find whether I had the courage to go ahead and buy it (nothing like attracted attention to myself by this strange behaviour!). But I did do so and have loved every minute I have worn it. I have since bought two satin prom dresses on e-bay and several other evening dresses from various places. My only debate now is which one should I wear when........but the invitation to the Prom has never arrived.
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Please please please, although in this story I am far more likely to end up in the arms of the most beautiful girl than the prince! lol xxxx

One day you will go to the ball, Cinderella. XXXX