It Only A Memory Now.

I went around shopping for the perfect dress for prom. I was going with a guy from work that is still in love with me, but I never had an iota of feeling for but he was cool. I was going to go to the prom at my school though I did not like most of the people there but the guy that I was friends with for like almost two years decided that he wanted to be more than friends and started to act a bit aggressive towards me so I cut of that friendship asap. So of course I could have went with a number of guys at my school since so many had crushes on me but I was not interested in any and was so fed up with the people at the school and what had happened with Fransisco that I figured why not when he asked me. He was willing on paying for everything but I could not let him do that on account of the fact that I would feel that he would expect something from me that I was not willing to give and that it was unfair. I never liked the idea of using people. So I go to the mall and could not find anything that I liked. So I wen to one store and saw the dress it reminded me of Cinderella and I love Disney. It was white and faded to blue on the top half then it did the same thing on the waist down. It was thin spagetti straps and tight up top and made my bust look wonderful. It went all the way down my back was showing just a bit. It had those things that made the dress shiny sewed in. I had to get it ordered since they did not have my size. The dress cost a bit over 300 and the shoes were not much but a wedge with a glass like heel. I literly felt like Cinderella when I put that dress on. I never wore it after my prom. I saved it since I had moved so much at a friends house. Then I moved back home with my parents and my mom asked me to borrow it and I said no. Soon after that the dress disappeared. I am pretty sure that my mom sent it back to Haiti she has done that a lot through out my life. She thinks nothing of sending my clothes to Haiti I did mind when she sent one outfit that I was saving since I was six. I would have love to give it to my daughter though at the time I was not thinking like that I just loved the dress. The prom dress I thought maybe I could wear this somewhere again. But she did it in the past and I was upset but I did not say anything she did pay for it after all. But this prom dress I paid for on my own and she had no right. I did not say anything when she claimed that I lost it. But that was one beautiful dress. I did not want to go to the prom dressed all slutty like many young women do. I went to take pictures at the school ( my school) and I have to say that no one had a dress that compared to mine, yes biased I know. I heard how some got their dresses made. Why would they get such ugly dresses made with holes throughout. My dress is a dress that shown yesterday or today woulds still be a beauty yes it was a classic.
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