We were going to garage sales and the lady was selling dresses worth $100-$300 for $10.
And one of those dresses was my perfect prom dress.
Now every time I open that part of my closet I can't help but stare at it for a while thinking of prom and how I'll have to wait 4 YEARS to wear it.
The end.
Kristin137 Kristin137
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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

yeah, i know this was posted nearly 5 years ago, and i dont even know if the girl has been back since then... i really cant imagine committing years in advance to 'the perfect dress' even at the perfect price, but i never understood fashion, and i also cant imagine buyin' clothes online when its hard enuff to find stuff that fits and feels right where i can try it on... but i know millions now do it somehow every day, i sincerely hope everything worked out for this girl, and i hope she sees this and lets me know...

many folks i know would rather not go at all than wear a 'used' prom dress, but spending that much for something you can only wear once just never made any sense to me... especially when its always been 'ok' for men to rent formal wear for proms or other events that will be in style and altered to fit if necessary for a fraction of the cost... we were already divorced by then and it wasnt up to me, but mom paid more for my daughter's prom dress, makeup and hair for that one nite than i paid for my son's first car, and he drove it for several years...
some areas have shops now that 'recycle' prom dresses for just over the cost of cleaning, and it works for a young girl on a budget who didnt get lucky at garage sales... im impressed that you committed to a cost effective solution, but how could you possibly know FOUR YEARS in advance what size and style ur gonna need...?