Buying My Prom Dress On The Internet!

For my senior prom I bought my dress from the internet! Everybody thought I was mad but it worked out perfectly! I got the most amazing service and felt like a princess, even without the big shopping trip! This was mine: I've managed to wear it without the over-skirt too- as a party dress. I would recommend everybody to give it a go! xxx  

auntiedine auntiedine
18-21, F
3 Responses Mar 9, 2010

A great place to get some nice dresses is:

I never bought from that . But usually i buy from I feel the quality is compellent and the price is favourable.

hello, during my prom-dress research, I found a really surprising website which sell prom dress, cocktail dress, evening dress and wedding gown. At the beggining, I was scared about acquiring a dress in the internet without trying on it. But, when I received it I was very surprised and pleased. The dresses are tailored made with a high quality material.<br />
The name of the website is maysange, they sell very cheap dresses of the highest quality. <br />
Unfortunately, the website is in French, but my mother (who is french) called them and they will get a new website translated in english. I really found a solution about all mu dresses problems, so does my mother (for the price).