I Bought It For My Granddaughter

She has been a photo nut ever since. Takes a lot of pics. This is one of them.

I call it Sailor's Delight.

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if it were my granddaughter i'd be posting alot of her pics for people to see I really think she's got talent<br />
<br />
please add me

nice pic

I thought so. Thanks.

she a professional or is it just a hobby?

She is 15. This is her first camera. She is good. She wants to make a career of it. She is taking a course in her next semester at high school, and hopes to go on to do it in University.

I think she has a good future ahead of her in photography

I'll tell her you said so. She needs all the confidence boosting she can get.


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lovely pic!

I am very proud of how good she is with that camera. I am hoping that she will take a couple of courses to learn more about lighting etc. If she does, I'd like to buy her a really GOOD camera. This one is an inexpensive Canon.

Wow, that's beautiful!

Thanks. Now if I can figure out how to import pictures that have been uploaded to my computer and not downloaded from her facebook, I have a couple more that she took, that are absolutely stunning. When I try, it says there is no url.

Talk to my friend ob1kenobe, he will be able to sort this for you, he's not on right now but message him and he'll know how to do this.

I am a picture taking maniac too.. love the colour;)

I am a picture-taking maniac. I love my camera. You have given her a beautiful gift and she is really taking advantage of it. It's so great these days, how easy it is to share pictures. It's fun. She did a good job too. --that is one red sky at night--it would delight any sailor--or any grandparent. It even delights me.

I am really happy I had the means to get this for her. She has been wanting one for a couple of years, but she wasn't responsible enough then. Now she is.

Wonderful picture, she has talent!

I got her the camera three weeks ago, and she has taken nearly 2000 pics. She really has an eye for composition and colour.