I Bought A Skirt

I wore my long hppie dress to the mall and went shopping yesterday alone. I was in Dillard Petites. Long Petite skirts are a little shorter than Misses. I found a beautiful White skirt that hung about 4 inches below the knee.and visited with the sales lady as I looked around. I have bought other skirts from her. A lot of the time my lady and I pay for our clothes separetly, She tell the sales lady that his skirts are for him and he will get them. I paid for my skirt and was getting ready to leave when she asked me to try the new skirt on and let them "Sales ladies" see it on me. I went into the ladies room just behind me and put the skirt on then walked out for them to see me.

We were talking in front of the big mirrow when another lady came from her little room and joined the conversation. I put my hippie dress back on and was walking to the escalator when the other lady walked down with me and we had a very good conversation about cross dressing, dresses, skirt, slips and petticoats.

Enjoy. Buy what you want. The sales Ladies will not laugh at you as they have seen and heard everything.and it is their job.
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Great encouragement. Thanks

Wow what a great story. I have been shopping for fem things as well and never had a problem with sales folks either.

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I went to Macys Tuesday morning and bought a skirt. It was quiet and the saleslady asked me to try it on and let her see how it looked on me. I tre dit on and talke dwith the sale ladies and a female customer for a bout 0 minutes. Of course I wear a skirt tyo the store. There is nothing to fear unless you can't leave your house for fear of someone seeing you. The sales people don't care and will help if you ask. If you are not married make sure your lady friend knows about your cross dressing. It will save many problems later. Enjoy.

I wish that years back that people were more open minded as they are today.I'm happy that you had no adverse affects while shopping.