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I don’t buy a lot of CD’s, as the radio usually suffices, but this wasn’t something played on the top 40. I ordered two for the kids that are geared towards learning and we are so having a blast singing them. My son is trying desperately to read, he just really wants to learn, and I think these songs might be helpful. Most are parody songs from others more popular music like instead of “Who let the dog out?” it’s “Who let the A out…” followed by the aaaa sound. There are some really cute ones on there and all are by Dr. Jean. If you want more info on what she offers you can go to www.drjean.org and get a glimpse. I know lots of the schools have added them here, into their curriculum and now we have them just for us.


The first CD is “Kiss Your Brain” and here’s a list of the cute titles…

v     Kiss Your Brain (obviously)

v     Twinkle Friends

v     Shake a Hand

v     Who Let the Letters Out”

v     Letter Aerobics

v     The Alphabet’s in My Mouth

v     Bitty Bi Bo Bu

v     Vowel Cheer

v     When you Come to a Word You Don’t Know

v     Singular and Plural

v     Singing the Word Wall

v     Spelling Numbers

v     Counting Cadence

v     Penny, Nickel, Dime

v     Macarena Bones

v     We Had a Good Day


See how cute are those! Okay not gonna go into the 2nd one but you get the picture. *giggles* Leaning should be fun and they’ll want more when it’s presented in such a fashion. I can’t wait to finish my degree!


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Mar 27, 2009