What Is The Best Season Of That 70s Show?

Q2:What is the best season of That 70s show?
A2:I loved all the seasons of That 70s Show DVD and
I have all the seasons. Its filled with teen love drama that just gets
you so attached somethings are actually sad and tear you up. you also
get stuck in the time era and start loving everything 70's. its
such a good show and if you watch it from the 1st to the last 200th
episode it will actually make you sad that its over, thats how attached
you will get. i cried(and im a 16 year old dude) at the last episode,
and it just sucked that it was over. you will wish for more...My
personal favourite is the second season, it has lots of funny and
intresting episodes.
xzyzoe xzyzoe
22-25, F
May 25, 2012