Bought Nappies While In A Poopy One For First Time.

This is true.
I'm having a few days of 24 hour nappying. I went through 3 nappies yesterday. All wet, one very! And 2 poopy. The first nappy was wet and half pooed when I had to go out and buy more nappies. I had run out. I have never gone to buy nappies in a poopy one. I went in the discount chemist and I could smell an odour of poo; but not a to strong one. I made my way to the nappy isle through a few people. I was nervous but no one noticed. I grabbed my pack of Depends and made my way to the checkout. I was served. I could smell poo stronger now pluse the front was sticking out from all my pee. So it looked like I had a huge Bonner. And a lady had joined the que behind me as well. I did not make much eye contact with the young girl serving me. Sale complete I waited for my nappies to be put in a bag. I waited and waited what seemed hours. It was then the penny dropped and I realized that there would be NO bag! So I grabbed my nappies and made for the door where I almost collided with a man coming in! By now my nappy was sagging down in my thin gray camo pants. I sped to my car throwing the nappies in the back. Then jumped in. Wow that was so intense. I took a minute to take in the experience. It was then all my nervous energy was released in the form of a big pee. As I was sitting in a car seat my knees were higher than my pelvis so my nappy was squashed up against my lower tummy. So my pee stayed in the front and I could feel my tummy getting warm from my pee. I was in heaven. As my pee subsided I could feel my pee now drain down over my balls to be soaked up in the bottom of the nappy and then spread. My bum and tummy now all nice and warm I rolled a smoke and drove home.
When I got home and got out of the car I knew something was wrong. I felt wet! I looked down to see the whole front of my pants were soaked. Then the back of my pants felt wet as well. I felt behind me and it was the same story. My pee had overflowed the top of my nappy and gone out the leg guards as well. I quickly grabbed my new nappies locked the car and went in the house.
When inside I throw the pack on a chair and ********. Now I could see the extent of the flood. The whole front was dark from my pee and so were the back of them. But I then saw that because they were camo it fitted in with the pattern lol. Then I looked down at my long leg pants I had on over my nappy. It was in a worse state than the camos. I took them off and as I did my nappy really sagged releasing a much stronger smell of poo. I threw my wet clothes in the laundry and headed to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. My nappy was completely soaked. I put my foot up on the edge of the bath to see the underside of my nappy. It was brown. I felt so naughty and hot at the same time. I thought do I now jerk off. I was in the mood. An idea hit me that if I hold off on pleasureing myself now the next poopy nappy I would get even more horny therefore a stronger ******. So I let my nappy drop to the floor with a thump. Stepping out of it to see my poo spread over the middle of the nappy and the rest pee soaked. I thought no shower either as I was going back into a nappy again. I did it the baby change way and used baby wet wipes. I love the smell of them. It took five wipes to clean up. I put the dirty nappy in a bag and tied it off. Then I put on a generous amount of Vasoline on then a nice new clean nappy.
That was a great day but it was going to get better. That night in another clean but a bit damp nappy I jumped into bed. I had been farting a lot before bed. I was lying there for twenty minutes when real bad wind pains hit. It was so painful. After what seemed ages the pain went. Then a did a huge loud fart in my nappy. There was no smell until I lifted one leg guard. Then my bed was filled with the smell of poopy fart. My tummy felt so full I started to push and felt a big firm poo poke its head out of my bum hole. So with a huge push I filled my nappy in bed. I have been semi constipated for a few days. God it felt good. I'm not going to change now so I turned over. A few mins later I get the same pain again. And as before a large fart followed then by another poo which I hardly had to push out. Wow what was happening? I turned on my back feeling a very large poo piled against my bum. I then felt my bladder release. My warm pee flowed over my poo into the nappy. I could not sleep so I got up and out to the lounge for a smoke. I sat on the edge of my couch on a towel. My poo was to firm to spread so I was sitting on top of a pile of poo lol. Half way through my smoke I needed another big fart. I lifted one cheek up to get it out. It came out in loud pooping sounds. What I was not expecting was a pile of soft poo to shoot out right after it! I could feel it spread over my nappy. When it stopped I sat back down properly. I felt what I thought was a gas bubble coming up through my poo but turned out as I was sitting on the edge of the couch the poo had no where to go except up. It felt amazing sliding past my cheeks and out over the small of my back. It then spread sideways. I then peed more. I had to savor this. So I had another smoke. Now my bladder did what it does at rear times and stay open. So I kept doing small peed for a long time. Then it was back to bed in my very poopy and wet nappy. When I woke I found my bed was still clean and dry. The nappy did its job. It did on the other hand stink! As did the whole room. The only sad thing was I had to go out early with my daughter so no ****.
Now I'm sitting on my couch again with a wet nappy one and more small pains in my tummy. So who knows history might repeat! And this time I can have a fun morning tomorrow and hopefully the mother of all wanks!!
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2 Responses Apr 10, 2012

I love the story I hope u can be incont for life

Thanks. Glad you liked it. I will always use nappies. Not full time though. About 40% of the time.

hot amazing story

Thank you. I had a lot of fun, he he.

im jealous i wish i was there to have fun with you :)