I am not shy about buying diapers at any store, and I am not shy about where under my cloths while doing most anything, so one day I was out and about and needed more diapers, so while in line I got the urge to go. Well I always love to hold all day but this time even pinching my but checks toghter witch normaly holds it in, this time it just started to slide. Very slowly but very steady till I had a good pile squishing all around. Thinking I better get out of there I was done with the money, but the more I walked the more kept sliding, what a warm fealing, and to my car I could not wait to sit down, I almost shoot a load as it squished around my balls.
scatman54 scatman54
51-55, M
1 Response May 23, 2012

I know the feeling to well. Love sitting in my car with a nice poo in my nappy as it spreads so well. I have on many occasions filled my nappy while driving. Such fun.