Lets See How Long It Will Last...

I heard that Chryslers are not the greatest cars to buy.  But I bought a 2001 Chrysler Intrepid today. It was cheeper then I was planning and on top of that my father who said he would pay for some of my first car when I was 18 , a way to inspire me to buy a car I think. Well anyhow I had enough money but he insisted to pay for $3,000 and I finally gave in but I told him I would pay him back $1,500 over the next year and he agreed to that!  lol  

Everyone in my family wants to hand me money!  I get in so fights because of it sometimes. I like to buy my own things with my own money.  But I plan on getting a new car in 2-6 years so hopefully by then the chrysler will do what it does best and fall apart and thus give me more reason to get an other car. lol

In the least I like the car!  On top of getting a new car I am going to be moving out again in maybe a month. Either buying or renting a place for myself.  That one does scare me a little a car is not much but a house....  Its more permanant.  I asked my dad if he wants to pay for $35,000 off the house but he replied no....  Cheepskate....

*And no I did not create this group. lol
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lol! You know someday someone is going to come across my post here and not know anything about my other posts etc. And there going to read your comment and be like<br />
<br />
"WTF!?? What type of comment is that? Man that persons immature!"<br />
<br />
Thats exactly whats going to happen. lol Kind of like what happens sometimes when you enter a conversation mid-way though and hear something odd and not understand whats going on.

WTF!?? What type of comment is that? Man that persons immature!

just remember to poo your knickers in it then you will havw chrisened it!!!