The Official Eclipse Guide

Approximately one year ago, when the New Moon movie came out I realised that I was slowly becoming a fan of ''The Twilight Saga'' movies, but I never considered myself as ''the'' great fan. I mean, hey, who would consider me as fanatic?? One of my mates ,Anna, was one of them, but not me actually!!!
As you may have understood, I became one of them due to the fact Eclipse movie is something extraordinary, magnificent, something different you know from the two previous movies! Not that New Moon didn't deserve the award of the best movie in MTV awards , but Eclipse has more action, romance and I was kind of sad as I knew Bella wouldn't choose Jake from the first place. It has that kind of slight sadness and even if I knew her decision I wanted to watch that badly!!!
So, after a while I watched the movie and since I wasn't able to watch Eclispe the next day,again, I bought the Eclipse official guide and the Eclipse book!!!! The Eclispe guide is somewhat reasonable and at the same time one may consider it expensive and I admit it is kind of expensive! The truth is that if one is a real fan of Eclipse he will be willing to buy it. He or she will have to believe that it worths every penny.
Except the price, the pictures are much more than I expected and it even has the kissing scene, the one with Bella and Jake!!!!! I couldn't find that in the Net and I found it there!! As for the interviews, I gotta mention that they are absolutely great!!
I recommend the Eclipse guide!!

emy3 emy3
Jul 10, 2010