i love the feeling of my bouncy breasts. I do not care if anyone known tha I am not wearing a bra. I do not cover up my nipples any more it does not feel natural to me. I have a green see through shirt that i wear with no bra and it looks good. My girls do not like to be in a cage they like to bounce and sway freeley the way they are supposted to be. I feel more comfortable not wearing a bra and I am not small busted I am a 44d. Bouncy boobs are graet
shiane shiane
31-35, F
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I really enjoy watching a girl like you bounce!

I would watch you bounce all day...please add me!

You stick with it Babe!
I understand what you are saying and totaly agree with you!

mmmmmmm....bouncy.<br />
i would like a peek at your big bouncy boobs.<br />
I like the feeling of big bouncy boobs in my hands.<br />
I like to examine them carefully

HI,<br />
<br />
Very good that you feel comfertable letting the girls swing free - not all compressed. <br />
<br />
However I thought it was a myth that wearing a bra helps slow down sagging? I'm not sure it does. <br />
<br />
Just because a guy goes comando and lets his boys hang free does not lead to any sagging or increase in size. <br />
<br />
Feel lucky. Minority of women have large breasts that feel alive. Boobs that move or swing.

wow, bouncy boobs are great (i love lookin at them, turn on!!!!), but don't your boobs kind of sag without a bra? i'm a 36DD and i know that if i went without a bra for too long i'd probly get saggy boobs, so i always wear a bra, no matter what (they still bounce though ><)<br />
<br />
ps, i'd love a peek >.<

no I do not care if people are looking. Would you like a peek?

i would like to.... can u mail me hottie??? wanna admire your bouncing boobs..

Do you get angry if you see someone admiring your breasts