Happy Thanksgiving - A Funny Boob Poem Of Understanding Holidays

Ode to holiday boobs

Original poem – repeate but do not copy ;-)

Thanksgiving holiday whish:
May you find a nice dress,
May they not stare at your chest
May any food you might drop
fall in your lap and never your cleavage gap.
May the front ends stay clean
never in the soup they should dunk
nor on a dirty plate full of another persons junk
come on for you know what I mean.
If you should carry a cell phone in your bra
may it stay quiet and never go off.
For this I whish to all my big busted friends
who are extra tired after the party with those
sore shoulder bends.
Be proud of what you have
as you stand out in the picture.
for I have nothing to rhyme,
as this is whish for good times
and not some empty lecture.

HappyThanksgiving. Have fun, eat well be glad - enjoy family (repeate ;)
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Haaa! Yay for Boobies...