Tight T-shirt

i love wearing really tight t-shirts that hold up my breasts somewhat.then walk around letting my breasts bounce like crazy.
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16 Responses Jan 17, 2011

that makes two of us!

Would love to see that!

I am sure it brings more than just you happiness

i agree, walking hard and getting them bouncing feels nice!

I like when you do that too.

Its like Eye Candy for us guys.. I never get enough.. You go girrrl

Love when my **** bounce. It is so sexy to feel and to see others' reactions to.

I would love to see your photos I m going to jack off to that butt of yours friend me please so I can see moe !!!!

can i watch baby? add me...

Do you think they bounce more in tighter shirts over looser shirts? If you're wearing UnderArmor, it'll feel really good against your skin and the poking would be spectacular. If they bounce more... BONUS!

tighter makes your ******* look rounder, looser lets them swing and sway..under armour feels the best and shows off your nipples the best!

nothing more beautiful the a young lady's **** bouncing a they were meant to do with hard nipples

T shirts are very nice but if you were wearing a cashmere or angora sweater I would be rock hard in an instant, and then if you had a knit skirt around your but I would want to **** you right there. You are just so beautiful.<br />
<br />
Samantha lynn

I have to admit, I'm one of those guys that loves watching women like you bounce, I can't get enough..

Sometimes I'm very envious of girls with **** that bounce - men notioce it so very quicly!! LOL. <br />
<br />
Mine are tiny 34 As - so braless is easy - and nothing moves!!!

Lols... i like ou.. you are a fun loving person

Especially hot when you have erect nipples!

right on!