46dd Bouncy Hangers

They are big and floppy and bounce all over.

When Im at the gym, on the treadmill, I see guys staring, lol.
They are super sensitive and I love going braless.
When I walk in my house, the first thing to go is my bra.
Then I can play with these dark, big nipples whenever I want.
I get so wet when my nipples are sucked and played with.
Mmmmmmm, so horny now at the thought of a guy's hungry mouth on them!
tiredofbeingdepressed tiredofbeingdepressed
22-25, F
7 Responses Feb 21, 2012

...my 9 incher awaits you !!!

Now that is hot. Wonder where all the girls like you are. I guess in hiding. Can we just come to you and unhook ur bra and latch on for a good through sucking. I would love to anytime. i am imaginging ur nipples are nice and brown and long. yum yum.

Only thing better would be lactating!

Mmmmm...I adore bouncy hangers just like yours!! On both accounts too, the bouncing; and the hanging!! :-) Please add me.

I Wow. Just wow.

my skype: guy4milf

I also take off my bra first thing when I get home :)