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Big Juggies

I love my big **** to bounce, to me it feels erotic and sexy!
As they bounce, my nipples continously rub against me shirt! The best
NYGirl73 NYGirl73 36-40 4 Responses Apr 6, 2012

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Your stories drive me insane...would you please add me?

I've got to quit reading your stories this is killing me...

....and they're an irresistible visual. I get wet knowing that men are staring at mine. Women stare as well, but it's the men who turn me on. When my husband and I go out to dinner, I'll wear something super low cut, or a tight corset type top so the top part of my breasts flow over, or a sheer top, no bra. My nipples are hard all evening. He loves it and so do I!<br />
<br />
I'll smile at the guys staring, letting them know that I appreciate them appreciating me, and thereby giving them full permission to **** my **** with their eyes. So much fun!

You certainly do have Very EXQUISIT Breasts and Nipples, They are BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!