The Day My Bra Broke.

was about this time last year i was a 34K and i was moving office and and of course the lifts had broken!. so i was up and down 3 flights of stairs repeatedly. and on about the 4th run the band just snapped under the pressure and my breasts fell under my bra. So i went to the bathroom and just took it off and spent the next 3 hours trying to hold my stuff and my breasts at the same time. it was to hard so i let them go and then pain later that day my god!. never again.
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17 Responses Sep 5, 2012

It would have been arousing to see

Luv watchimh boobs bouncing up n down.

You a trooper! Poor you ! l hope somebody was able to make you feel better later! hugs

Much as I love the idea of no bras, I don't like the idea of pain.

I bet you looked good walking those stairs!

Imagining you "running" in those stairs gave me the hard-on^^ Did your colleagues noticed something ? Mmmh, if you have pics to share and willing to get comments, please add me :)

Oh wow, would have loved to see you braless though!

That must have been very painful.

Shame about the pain but to put a spin on it I bet you looked hot.

you have to do it again

If you have a lock on your desk, you might want to keep an extra bra there - just in case (or in the trunk of your car)

Wow. What a story. Sorry to hear that you were in pain. No woman should be In pain like that. If I could have said some magic words to wash away your pain I would do it always. Have a great day.

I know that this story was unpleasant for you but the fact that they are big enough to break your bra off is extremely sensual!

I wish I would have been there and been a man in power, like your boss or something. And slipped you a little note saying: I don't want to come on to you or anything. I see that you bra broke and you are trying to steady your breasts. Don't. Just let them hang, let them jiggle and move in the extremely sexy way such incredibly large breasts do. You make my day every day seeing how large your blouse is filled, today a dream came true to see them without a bra. I love the way they move, it takes my breath away. Don't hide them, you know that you are the sexiest woman in the whole office, hell, the whole building! And don't be afraid of comments or complaints: if I get any, I will nicely ignore them. You are under my protection, nobody is going to discriminate you for your dream sized breasts on my watch. Just feel like you are at home here, its the least we can do for you!

yes, it does. That was not what I wanted to conjure up. I meant if you would work in a big corporation or company, your dad would very unlikely be your boss.

I wish I were there to help you that day.

I am here for support if you need it!

my friend she got a new bra and put ot on and broke it as soon as she went down the stairs..her dad was pissed when he found out he spent 200 bucks on it