Honey, Colored, Mouth-Watering Juicy 36DD's

I dress...
Rather conservatively, but there is no hiding the twins. They're firm, but they bounce when I make a sudden movement.   These are what wet dreams, drool and precum are powered by.  I know the power of these ****, but unfortunately... I don't always use my power for good.   
I am Dominant
ith a capital "d,"  and these ripe, sexy, bouncing ******* bring out the ***** in even the most Type "A" male(s). As they are on their knees worshipping me, hoping, praying, wishing and even begging to get a feel... I expose them ever so slightly and make them move so thier ***** strain against the fabric of their panties or pants, the skin stretches and they get harder.  It's my pleasure to increase their sexual frustration, and subsequently... Their denial. I am decidely cruel.  I send subs home to their lives with stiff **** to dream of my ****.  And oh, they do.  
These lovelies
Attract the attention of any straight or bi-sexual man in the room, and when I am riding on top, my man is mesmerized by my **** bouncing as I ride his fat, juicy ****.
                Sometimes my nipples get hard when its too cold in the room, and at work it causes a stir in those long meetings... I often catch the men trying not to stare, and many of the women too. The women will often playfully grab them...  You know, as some women do.  Undercover *** envy posing as a playful squeeze.  I am forgiving, as I know they can't help themselves.  
                 The men wonder how they look bare.   They wonder how firm and smooth they are.  They know my skin is golden colored, and they wonder what color my areolas and nipples are.  They wonder how the nipples would feel in their hands and how sweet they would taste on their tongues.  They wonder how it would be to put their **** between my breast.  They wonder how they would feel pressed against their chest.  Some wonder if they're real.  What I have to say to that is... "They're real and they are spectacular."


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What a heavenly view that must be as your beautiful DD's
bounce as you are riding a hard **** Z! mmmmm

From your description, I already love them

...u certainly have a way with words, a very good way, not in2 dominance & definitely a 'strap on' on me is out - nice feet by the way - if u show me ur, "...Juivy 36DD's", I will b more than happy 2 show u my 9 inch ****...deal or no deal???

Well that sounds Devine!

They sound completely gorgeous
All they need is some of my lust sauce squirted on them every now and again

Straining against my panties now

just reading you describe your wonderfull assets is enough to make me strain in my panties.

your boobs sound so amazing,my supervisor has big ems and i can hardly talk when she calls me over,i have to look at the floor and studder a yes maam when she gives me her orders

You sound as if you know your place, but stop behaving like a dumb ***, and make eye contact with her when she speaks to you. Just focus on the words she is saying. Your never going to taste her ****, and you probably don't deserve to.

thankyou maam,i will try eye contact only because you said so,im really scared to do it,this woman is very powerful at my job,she cussed me out once for a big mistake i made,put me on the wall and yelled 2 inches from my face for 5 minutes straight.i was shakin then cryed in bathroom afterwards

Your a *****

She humiliated you in front of everyone, with her huge ****. How did that make you feel? You cried, yes... But were you a little aroused? Did you **** get hard as she yelled in your face? Did you notice here huge fun bags then? Did you play with yourself when you thought about it later? You can be honest.

i was even a bigger ***** back then,i was actually really scared and did cry,she did it in front of her niece that worked there and said i was incopetent and said christa was getting my promotion and i was put back to a courier at minimum wage with no commision or overtime and i had too pay back my 900 dollar mistake,i didnt get excited ubtil 2 days later when they started bossing me around,making me clean their offices and calling me crybaby,i was jacking every hour in john,i had too to get rid of my constant hardon seeing her **** and having to call christa maam all day,she was only 23 and took my salary,accounts and leads,making 4 times my paycheck now and loved to whisper it to me

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Ohhh yes mistress....please add me for fun

There is no pictures of my **** on my photos.

Very nicely written. Add me wanna be your friend