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It's been a few years ago but one night my wife and I had an adult "us" time out.

With kids it's difficult to find time to get out of the house let alone have "adult fun".

We dropped the kids off with their grandparents for the night. My wife picked out a little black dress she had. It was mid-thigh in length but a fairly light and soft fabric. Much to my delight she decided that a bra and panties weren't necessary. As you can guess I left the house with an erection before the night began.

She had put on her makeup and looked beautiful for her night out. We went to dinner and then went to a local country bar with a band for a night of dancing.

It was fairly busy as it was a Saturday night. Most of the tables around the bar and dance floor were occupied. There was a balcony area that overlooked the dance floor so we ventured up there for seating. There were only a few people up there so we had most of it to ourselves. I went down to the bar to grab a couple of drinks.

After a bit we decided to go down and dance. As we danced to some faster music I noticed that while my wife's dress had a short jacket to it her breast were moving nicely in that light dress. It made me even more excited than I was just knowing there was nothing under it. After our dance we went back up to finish our drinks. Since she was warm from the dancing she took the jacket off. My wife decided she needed to use the ladies room and went downstairs. As she was walking back I realized several of the men around the bar must have noticed she wasn't wearing a bra as she was getting a fair amount of attention on her way back.

When she returned to our table I mentioned the attention she had drawn. Of course she hadn't noticed so I filled her in. While I was doing that I let my hand slide up her thigh and rub it back and forth. While I was telling her of the attention she had gotten I decided to do a moisture test. Much to my delight her ***** was nice and wet and I was able to slide a finger in easily. Her eyes closed and she gasped a bit. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed. There was a woman I'm guessing in her late 40's who was trying to act like she wasn't watching but I think she knew what was happening.

We danced some more and my wife started to rub on me getting me even more horny. We had a couple more drinks and some moisture tests back at the table and then decided it was time to leave.

On the way home we decided to stop off at the adult store (another story I'll write).

It was a fun night that I'll never forget. I still think back and smile whenever I hear a woman mention "little black dress" as that type of clothing holds a fond memory for me.
ToyManx ToyManx 46-50, M 5 Responses Mar 13, 2013

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I think you must have been in my club. You would be suprized at what us bartenders see.

Haha...I bet! Wonder if it's too late for a career change? ;-)

Being recently divorced, I long for days like that again.
But the *Flashback* made me Smile.
Thanks....MR. TOY

Well I long for days like that again too. I'm hopeful one day....
Glad you enjoyed it.

Very nice :-)

Thank you. It's a memory I doubt I'll ever forget.

After the kids arrive, these kinds of nights become so much sweeter (and so much fewer and farther between!)...

Great story! Love nights like that...