I dont think there is anything more appealing to watch than a nice pair of bouncing, jiggling boobs. Espcially boobs of the larger variety... Like G cups and up. Being bi, i llove going out with my guy friends and admiring the lovely boobs as they bounce by. Its so hypnotizing. Sometimes i think they are doing iton purpose lol. unfortunately, my boobs arent big enough to experience it for myself. So to all the ladies out there whose breasts are larger than average, is there anything you do to make them bounce more as you walk? What does it feel like, and do you enjoy the attention?
ImagineIfTiff ImagineIfTiff
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 23, 2014

I so love it and hypnotizing is the perfect word :)

Have to agree with you there, love to see a pair a big bouncy boobs on a girl