Forced To Dress In Girls’ Clothing

Crystal hanging up the office phone, “My dear girl we have an order to fill, a Miss Margaret Waddingham one very prominent Lesbian and a driving force for dressing young boys and men in dresses, skirts and the like saying it is time that the women of this country and of the world put the males of our species back in servitude and this time keep him there.” Erica with a laugh, “I can live with that-yea before I cheer too much what is the job we are asked to provide” Crystal grinning from one ear to the other, “Forcing a young boy or make a young boy dress in girls’ a tier and she wants the screaming and the fighting included. The child’s name she could care less.” She is one cold hearted *****-if I do say so myself” replied Erica.

“Well I kind of agree with you. I for one do not believe in forcing any child boy or girl to wear something that goes against their will. Yet there one good thing coming out of this besides the money: The unlucky boy only has to go through this ordeal once, not being permanent. They get to change back in to their male clothes collect a hug some of money and go home with a smile on their face.” Erica grinning, “We have one problem, we do not have that boy! And I sure as hell am not going to kidnap one off the street-money or no money.” I was just about to say that, now where do we find this poor unlucky boy? What is wrong with me? The kid is no more unlucky than me! I been thinking of the money that little Turkey is going to be walking out of here with: **** at least 15 grand-unlucky hell no.” flopping on the sofa searching for her cigarettes.

Crystal setting up, “There is another good thing, with her wanting the screaming and fighting it will be only one take and the kid is richer than his wildest dreams and still maintains his manhood and clothes.” Hot Damn! I always wanted to say that” Erica grinning. Crystal, “Well let’s just hot damn ourselves a boy or no one will get any money including us my girl.” the front door opened and in walked Stacy. Erica eyes all sparkly, “We have another job! Only thing is we need a young boy preferably one that is all, boy and under no circumstances will wear girls’ clothes and is more than willing to fight for his rights.” Stacy,” What are we doing where we need a boy like that?” Crystal, “A Miss Margaret Waddingham want a movie showing a young boy being forced to wear girls’ clothes and she wants the fighting and the screaming left in. That is all well and fine, now all we need it the boy.” lighting another cigarettes.

Stacy with her eyes a sparkling and that dazzling white smile of hers, “I got just the kid…”Crystal and Erica to gather, “You do? Where pray tell we need that little man like by yesterday! Well, well come on tell us” Erica all excited and dancing around. Stacy grinned, “I have just received my stepson from my X old man, saying he will come and get him-like hell he will. What must I do to have this happen?” Crystal smiling, “You sign here for us to use your stepson. Now you and him both will make quite a large chunk of money in the neighborhood of 15 grand apiece…”A what: 15 Grand apiece! Hay this kid will do it for I will threaten him with having to go back to his father dressed as a girl if he does not put up a fight.” Crystal grinning, “Oh and do not tell him he get to change back to his own clothes or it will be a dud. Matter of fact say nothing about the money when it is over he will find out fast enough. “Stacy laughing, “Oh how much I love my job and my darling stepson.” Humming I’m in the money.

Stacy starting to leave for home stopped and turned, “Crystal, “This won’t turn my stepson gay, will it I would hate to send him back to his dad with a bundle of money and his son is gay: Aw, I can live with It.” laughing as she goes out the door humming I’m in the money. Crystal grinning, “Stacy is getting to be an old gale yet she still has a lot of kick in step.” Erica, “We going to SEARS or JC Penny’s, to get the clothes we will need for the boy?” First lets go to SEARS you can always trust them to have what you are looking for in the line of girls’ clothing, you want to stop by and ask your son Dennis if he would like to join us and be the model for the sales lady to fit the pretty panties and petticoat with dress on him- if he like it I am more than willing to flip for the cost of another set of pretty clothes: I like: Dennis” Erica about putting her heard throw the roof of the car.

“What and get me killed off! His father would give birth to the very thing he hates cats! I just might be passing Oldsmobile’s, I think I would prefer cats they are fluffier” Both laughing. At SEARS the sale clerk greeting them with a smile, “Hi my name is Sarah and welcome to SEARS’s girls and young ladies department how may I help you two ladies?” Crystal grinning, “To be honest with you Sarah, we are her to buy a complete set of clothes for a boy of ten.” Sarah staggered wheeling in shock now laughing, “For a boy! Well okay I just never heard of this before.” Leading them back to the panties, slips and petticoats Sarah now blushing, “Is the boy here with you?” Crystal laughing, “No this will be a total surprise for him-see tomorrow is his Tenth birthday.” About convulsing herself Sarah stayed with them.

“You will want to buy white plain panties seeing this will be the boys first time.” Erica, “That is why we want those pretty pink with white lace, because it is his very first time” Sarah, “How many?” Erica, “Just one” having fun playing mind games with the sale clerk” His father will buy the rest for the boy. See it is the boy’s dad that wants him to dress and act like a little girl for he wanted a little girl so bad. He just couldn’t take it anymore not having a daughter and since he is the only child-you know the story dearie” Sarah sat down about passing out from sheer shock and dismay. They finally got the dress a light pink with the anklets trimmed in pink with the black Maryjane shoes along with the petticoat and slip. Thank you so much Sarah, you wouldn’t have a young boy that could use these lovely thing if the father refuses these because he wants to do it himself.” Helen an older woman knew what was happening guided Sarah to the brake room laughing.

Crystal and Erica made ready for the next day’s shoot knowing being a live action shoot they had to have everything in place. Stacy brought her stepson over early and coming through the front door, “This Brett and I was wondering if just maybe he could stay here and see how thing work while I do that errand You wanted done by tonight.” Crystal with a smile, “Oh I’m sure it will okay aren’t you Erica?” nodding her head yes, “A good looking kid like you sure it will be just perfect.” Guiding Brett over to the starting point Stacy, “Brett honey I will be gone most of the day but I promise I will be back to get you.” walking out the front door around back and taking her position at camera one.

With a flash of a camera as their queue the action started. Crystal grinning, “Honey here lets remove those awful clothes you are wearing” starting to unbuttoning his shirt. Erica, “Oh these are so much nicer” now holding out the pink satin panties with white lace. Brett’s eye wide as fear fill them, “Oh no I’m not going to wear them! They are for girls and I am a boy.” Now trying get away, Crystal tripped him sending him to the floor where the two of them ******** off the rest of his clothes. Screaming and crying, “Get away from me”, Erica, “Grabbing his legs starting to pull the panties up over his thigh’s. Brett twisted and turned using all his might to ward off his attackers screaming and sobbing, “Mommy please help me please…”Crystal pulling him to his feet, “Oh shut up young lady.

Taking hold of the short hair on the back of Brett’s neck Screaming ouch, it hurts taking a swing at Crystal sobbing and now shaking with fear. Erica pulled the petticoat over Brett’s head, laughing, “We guessed his size perfect” laughing. Brett hasn’t given up yet. Giving one last twist pulling loose of both ladies Brett made a run for the door only to be caught from behind and fragged back like a victim of a shark attack as the sharks relentlessly keep attacking the pray. Now the fight was over Brett stood there sobbing shaking in shame as he watched the two women finish dressing him and doing his hair and nails. Then finished the girls backed away with large smile of their victory as Brett stood there softly crying.

Then a voice from behind, “Brett honeys here are your clothes sweetie pie.” Dumb founded unable to speak, “You where the star of our new movie and you did great! Brett, I am glad you are boy-for if you were a girl you would be gorgeous and a real cutie pie.” Kissing him and hugging him. Brett wiping the tears from his eyes, “I was a star in a movie” Crystal grinning, “This should help your pain and the shame we put you through”, handing him 18 grand, “This check is after taxes that money is all your to spend as you see fit.” Brett laughing, “You two ladies and tougher than any ten guys I have fought” A voice from the back.

Standing there crying, “You the young man they were buying the clothes for” Brett shook his head yes. Sarah hugged and kissed him, “And these lovely ladies paid you that kind of money for all of that.” Brett, “ma’am why are you crying” Sarah laughed, “To tell you the truth-I really don’t know.” Erica smiling, “Our offer still stands, those clothes you can have and no you do not have to have your son wear them. Save them for your little girl or give them to a little girl you know would love to have them.” Sarah grabbing Erica neck and squeezing, “I love you ladies so much and thank you all. The little girl next door is who I am going to give them too for it is her birthday and they haven’t the money to buy her a gift.” This story ends here yet there are countless children that need our help, this year see what you can do to help. Thank you and God Bless.

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bravo bravo good show good show

What a good story.

Yes, a nice story.

Thak you, Thank you! The first part of the story is kind of hard to handle, and the dressing of the boy is hard to take-yet at the end and the seen in SEARS a light hearted as the two ladies play mind games with Sarah the sale girls and even Sarah gains out out of all of this as well Brett and his stepmom Stacy. Again thank you.