Because Of Unacceptable Behaviors

North Korea kidnapps 494 South Koreans after the manages to escape to China.......They arrest him and return him to North Korea instead of doing the right thing to return him to South Korea. His age: 81 years old.

Chinese drywall........ enough said

Deaths of pets from bad pet food in the United States

Tainted formula......... feeding babies poisons to insure the formula looks whiter.

Children's jewelery made with cadnium

They are waging war against us in subtle ways

I am sure there are many more examples

Please list others I am missing
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4 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Cabcraft.........I have missed you have a point of the choking hazards from the junk toys they thinks parents need to check labels for where it's made and I personally haven't set foot in a Walmart for at least 12 years............they buy from slave laborers.<br />
I would rather pay more for a quality product. Thanks for the comment xxxxxxxxxX...smiles<br />
<br />
Destry......they are experiencing babies with early puberty and breast development but deny it has anything to do with the formula Thanks for the comment

Tiny parts in ill-made toys that are a choking hazard, let alone the lead paint. However, parents need to put on common sense hats too. Missed you Elf xxx X@

Thanks salar......We use to do that to ourselves until we learned better now we allow them to do it to us all over again.

Lead in paint ......