Boycott Mainstream Media!

What's wrong with our media?  When I was brought up I was taught that they were something important; a way to keep those in power in check by reporting their actions fully and without bias.  But watching the news today makes me feel like I'm being convinced of something.  Stories aren't told with the intention of informing me of what is going on, they seem to be leading me down the garden path to some preordained conclusion.  Flu pandemic, terrorism, climate change...  This sort of story is always heavily colored with bias.  I am not left to make decisions based on supplied information, I am fed cherry picked information and led to a preconceived notion.  Or the conclusion is simply assumed, a form of deception that attempts to lead me to believe the idea is common knowledge.  When they tell me about the science of climate change, they don't even point to the data.  Perhaps they are assuming that I, like the majority of my compatriots, are either too stupid or blasé, to care about such things.  No one pauses to wonder if I am concerned about climate change, and no one brings up the fact that the climate changes very substantially on a regular basis on it's own.  Don't you think we should be more concerned with being prepared for the next big climate change, rather than trying to stop it from happening?  Of course not, because anyone that's aware of the world at all will understand that all this fuss has about as much to do with climate change as 911 had to do with anti-Americanism.  It's bullshit.  They wanted to get their hands on Iraq and Afghanistan so they created the excuse that they'd need and used the media to sell it to us.  The UN needs money so they are creating a situation where people think a new tax is necessary, a carbon tax.  Their science is questionable, but you'll never see those doubts raised on the news.  If it hadn't been for the Internet I would never have even heard of Climategate.

So that's why I don't watch that crap anymore, or read the paper.  I prefer to use my mind to come up with my own ideas, thank you, and use the net for the information I seek.  At least there I can look at a more complete picture.  Feel free to join me in boycotting this corrupt mainstream media our parents have left us with.  
NeonBlueMidnight NeonBlueMidnight
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1 Response Aug 2, 2010

You know what? I agree with you. Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention.