Attack By Boys (espically My Boyfriend)

So me and my friend and my boyfriend and his friends we were playing truth or dare and I had to go to the toilet and my boyfriend asked to group up on me and the girls went home because they were sick it was just me and the boys I came out and there was a note saying meet us in the garden so I did and I got jumped I had nature wedgies,hanging wedgie , frontal as well then my boyfriend said to me if I don't do a self inflicted wedgie then he would get his mates and him to hold me down whilst he put a sexual wedgie machine so I tryed to run but bill his mate caught me and dragged me back and when I got there my boyfriend had already built the wedgie sexual machine there was a hook for my thong and there was also a fake **** as well and there were rope and they tied me up and everytime I said no to things that where true I either got a permanet wedgie and if I said yes to things that are faulse I go down for 45mins on the fake **** and this went on four 5 hours then my boyfriend's friend went home and I stayed at his for the night or 2

Like if you want a 2nd part of this story
(OOH I forgot to me and my boyfriend had sex infront of his mates because it was a dare from all of his friends but ooh well)
wedgiegirl134 wedgiegirl134
18-21, F
Jan 15, 2013