Boys Becoming Girls

i am male but all my life i have prefered to dress in female clothes when i was younger i use to hide it from everone but now a days i wear skirts or dresses almost full time for the last 18 months execpt for my trip back to england i have not wore a pair of pants or shorts nd here it is too cold to go out wearing a skirt.

i have never wanted to be female but love to wear female clothes, i always fell better in a skirt than in a pair of male pants even when people question me for doing so i think in this day and age that people should be able to wear what ever thet want as long as it is decent.
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I don't want to be female either, but I do want to present as one. I have big plans for halloween including my first ever visit to a beauty salon. I want age appropriate haircut/styling (it hangs 3" below my shoulders) and a complete makeover with long lasting products. I want to force myself to present as a woman for a week or more. I no longer care who sees me. I have decided to live out my life as a woman, I have been hiding that part of me too long. I am 60 already and mildly disabled so I can dress every day and I do. I wear women's jeans when I go out with a feminine shirt or blouse. So far no one seemed to notice. I am disappointed in that because when I am in girl mode I want to get noticed, by guys at least. So I guess I am transgendered also.

Well if you truly want to wear girls clothes because they are more comfortable or stylish, then I say wear what you want when you want to. But if you are wearing them for sexual gratification, then I say wear them at home and not in the public eye. Too many cd's have been out in their dresses and bothering people trying to get noticed. We who dress don't want to be noticed, we just want to fit in.

i wish it was already for guys as it is with girls....pants or they wish and NOBODY!!! should even bother to notice...let alone criticize....ggggeeeeeesssss.....

you GO! GIRL!

We can't make people what there not, but we can certainly help people being themself and stop hiding from themself and the rest of the world.<br />
<br />
Here's a piece of reality check or truth I think:<br />
<br />
These days when you walk out to the streets and just sit down and take a look at men and WOMEN, What do we see!! I'am not talking about what any one wants or fantazises about, just the plain what do I see when I sit in public ans watch people go by.<br />
<br />
What I see on the Streets, on the Net, on TV, etc... is WOMEN beging more masculine then some men and men are becoming the new woMEN of the futre. And here'S what I mean: <br />
1 - Most WOMEN and GIRLS don't wear so called Feminine Clothing any more, there more into male style clothing example: very few wear any of the following, and those who do wear them very rarely: (Example one of my friends it's 1/years and She'll stop that to)<br />
A - Skirts or Dresses, WOMEN are more into Pants or Shorts for summer, <br />
B - Many supposed Panties look more like men Brief or shorts (underwear), and the sell lots of these to women <br />
D - Nylons & or sheer tockings, WOMEN are more into running shoes, <br />
E - High Heels, WOMEN are more into running shoes, <br />
But many woMEN just ache and yurn to put on all of the above, as a matter of fact how many thousands or millions plainly admit on the net to be just wait for there female familly members (Wife, mom, Sisters, Female Cousin, etc..) to go out just to put on there clothing that if they didn't buy there own and stached them in a hidden place.<br />
F - Some WOMEN don't even want ot wear bras any more almost forgetting that we are the ones with the heavy breast. There are even Internet clubs or Web Sites for that and there very proud of not wearing bras. On the others hand more and more men seem to want o have breast to be able to wear bras although it's done discretly for men and there to they have there web sites to show of there new breasts like a sexy female proud of HEr Breasts. Some want even to breast feed that would liberate the WOMEN from bre¬ęst feeding.<br />
G - Hairs Styles- Many WOMEN have started to wear boyish hairs styles that's very short, not like back then when WOMEN were wearing very feminine long hair styles. there I got the impression that woMEN are slowly wear the hair longer than WOMEN<br />
H - Even the Attitude in general - WOMEN just sit isn't as femme as it use to be, but we see more woMEN want to be hyperfeminised, There are even schools that can be attended.<br />
To Cut this and make it short why shouldn't these feMALES which are more feMENine than some WOMEN replace then in there female role modeles, at least least we'd have somme real femMENine people. And Let the girls be the boys this way both would be happy<br />
Those who don't believe that, we could play a little game I pay you 1$ for every women in skirts and dresses and you'll pay me 25 cents for every pants and shorts we see on WOMEN.

i agree with the bet it is unusual to see women in skirts now when i go out in a skirt i om in the minority i bet that there are less than 5% of people wearing skirts even if you count all the men and women the odd time some one askes me about my skirt i always just say how many women can you see in a skirt and when you look around there are very few, if you go into a store for clothes and look around then all you see are pants no matter if you are in the male or female section i went in wallmart the other day looking for a skirt and the only ones they had were school uniforms not one skirt in the female clothing section except for swim wraps and i do not think they count.
here in Puerto Rico there are more women than in most other places who still wear skirts and look like women girls still wear ribbons in there hair which i found unusual after most of the rest of the world now dresses their women the same as men. it is time for people who want to wear skirts to go out and wear them no matter if they are female or male, i wear a skirt every day and love it.

I agree with what you says: it is time for people who want to wear skirts to go out and wear them no matter if they are female or male,
but most of the time I think that the feminine look match much better with skirts and dresses and all the rest that goes with it.
So Feminine should in my opinion become a style instead of being stuck to someone born with female organs.

I agree, Annemarie. I would like to be accepted and be feminine.

why do people give as hard time about wearing women's cloths

since i have been happy being out wearing girls clothes i receive no bad comments or hard time's it was when i was scared about it myself that i use to get bad comments or a hard time, as long as you are happy in what you are doing then other people will be th

as soon as all the men who want to wear skirts or dresses start wearing what they want to and not what they think other people want them to wear then skirts or dresses will become men's wear or unisex which is what all clothing should be, men can wear skirts easy as they fit men as much as they fit women but wearing a dress is much harder as most of them are not cut to fit the male form, i love to wear skirts and about 90% of my time i do but for me to wear a dress is much harder i do have a couple of them that fit great and i love to go out wearing them as not having a tight waist line helps with my back pain but trying to get a dress that will fit and look good is very hard for most men, i have a couple of shirt dresses and also a couple of empire waist dresses that fit and look good but for most dresses no man can wear them as a male just due to the way we are built.