My Senior Prom Story

Note: Sadly friends, my prom pictures have became lost over the many years since attending my senior prom in 1979 as a young woman! Here is my story for you to enjoy!

By the time my senior year of high school came around I was dressing about half the time as a girl and half the time boyishly. Starting in the tenth grade mom had insisted that if I went to school wearing jeans and a top, she would put knee-hi stockings on me and shoes that had heels. By this time I was quite adapted and used to everyone’s bullshit and snide comments. Teacher and school administrators were well aware of my gender situation. I had seen several psychologists and doctors about my GID throughout my school career, so it was well documented. Moreover, as I grew older my desires to be a girl also grew stronger.
Early in the new year of 1979, a boy who had become a strong supporter and a good friend to me asked what I was planning on doing for prom. At the time he asked me I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I had thoughts of going in a tux and taking a girl that I liked. But, I also had thoughts in the other direction. I had a decision and it wasn’t an easy one to make. As time passed I talked to several people about my dilemma and it finally came down to what I was most comfortable with. I talked with school officials many times during attending high school about feeling more like a girl than a boy, and this included school psychologists, assistant principals and the principal.
Since my friend asked first and the girl I liked only liked me as a friend, I decided to accept my friend’s offer. When I told my mom that a boy had asked me to the prom and I had accepted his invitation, she gave me a big hug and was glad that I had been asked.
I’m not sure if I had more fun preparing and shopping for the prom or at the prom itself. The only sticky point between mom and me was my heels. By this time I was very used to walking in a two or two and a half inch heel. I had wanted to try a higher heel since I turned 16 but mom was afraid that I would fall. Nevertheless, I was growing into womanhood and really wanted to emulate my mother.
My prom date and I chose light blue as our colors. He wanted me to wear a long light blue gown and he would wear a light blue tux. I had convinced my mother that if she’d buy me a higher heel then I would carry a low-heeled shoe in case I had trouble walking or got too tired dancing in my heels. So we went shopping for my prom dress and heels. We got a pair of 3 inch spiked heels which were dyed to match my gown, and so was my small evening purse, and then mom bought another low-heeled pump that I took with me but she never knew the low-heeled pump were never worn during prom or after prom!
We had a blast that weekend. About 3 in the morning after dancing and eating all night we decided to go up to the islands in Lake Erie where his parents had a cabin. We slept for a few hours and then we went to Cedar Point, which is an amusement park up in Sandusky Ohio. That evening we went dancing and had a nice romantic dinner. All I had packed for that weekend was dresses, stockings and heels. In getting ready for prom mom put me into a very tight full girdle, which I had to wear the entire weekend so I looked like a girl.
At this time my hair was long. So the day before prom I had to go have my hair done. Mom chose the style for me which was really feminine. It took my mother hours to help me get ready to go to prom. I really looked like a grown woman when she finished. She bought me long crystal earrings and a crystal necklace. When we were finally done, she gave me a hug and with tears in her eyes she said to me…You will forever be my little girl, Betty!

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good for you hun wished that I could have experienced this myself but sadly not!

Wow touching. Never went to my prom. Had no one to go with.

Thank you! It was a long time ago but I still have memories of it and feeling like a princess in my dress and heels

You are so lucky to have had this experience, and now the memory of such a wonderful time in your life. I was lucky enough to attend three proms during my high school years but I had to wear a tux at all three. I remember being so jealous of all the girls in their pretty prom dresses, heels, long gloves, hair do's and flowers. I still have a photo of my senior prom date in her pretty lite blue prom dress. Always wished it had been me in that dress instead of her.

What a lovely experience. You gown sounds wonderful. Wish I could have worn one back then.

This wasn't the first gown I had worn. Yes, this gown was beautiful and felt wonderful on and to dance in. The bigger thing for me on this occasion was this was the first time I wore three inch heels. Mom bought me a pair of satin dyed-to-match pumps, which matched my powder blue chiffon gown.

Yes, you did say you wanted heels higher than the shoes you were wearing.

Of all of your stories so far I like this one the best. one thing, did you and he boy do anything else that weekend?...Becky

A truly lovely story, i so wish i could have done this when i were younger.

Just a wonderful story you have written. Must have been truly enjoyable wearing a prom dress out as you did. And the rest of the weekend sounded like a lot of fun too. At least you lived a dream and have great memories for it.

Thank you!