I Had A Great Experience With A Prom Dress

I always had this thing about wearing a prom dress or a wedding gown or the best thing is a bridesmaid dress it always was a dream of mine since i was 13.So about 10 or so years ago i had a great experience and i thing about it almost every day.When i first got a computer i did research to see if there was bridal shops that cater of men trying on wedding gowns and or prom dresses and i found out.The website closed a number of years ago but i was very happy to have looked at it everyday.So i found one shop that besides caters to brides that they cater to crossdressers which i was happy about it.So i called and made an appointment and it was not a problem at all and i asked the lady if i could come dressed as a female and she had no problem what so every.So i ask this one girl that i knew and a friend of mine that i only told about my whole crossdressing thing and she was 100% of support of me because i only did it part time .She could not have been more excited and happy about going prom dress shopping.So suggested that we make a whole day of it a girls afternoon out which turn out to a girls night out afterwords which was my first experience .So we drove 2 hours and she was impressed of what i was wearing a light blue mini-skirt and a red top and 2 inch heels and she did my hair before we went.My friend asked me if i was nervous and i was like not really.So while driving all we did was talk girl talk the whole way to the shop.So we get there and we were greeted by a nice lady.So i told her that i talk to her on the phone and we said our hellos and we all shook hands and then she ask me what kind of prom dress i was looking for.I told her i do not know then my friend suggested that i look at something that is beautiful and a little sexy.So i try on at least 6 gowns that my friend help me out of and to put them on and i found one that i just sooo loved and my friend could not believe how great it looked on me

It was a Mori Lee gown with a V-neck and it was a ball gown type and i loved it.I walked out of the dressing room to look in the full mirror when a bride is looking at her dress and i can not tell yea how many ladies love the dress .So i brought the dress and i went back a few days later to have the dress taken in a little and i could not believe how great i looked
alwayscurious alwayscurious
26-30, F
Dec 7, 2012