Changing Times

As I am looking around the web and here on EP, it does look like boys in dresses is the new cool. There are gg's here that say these boys act much better and are much easier to get along with when they are in dresses. It is like the boys are totally different human beings. They are more sweet and will listen better when in dresses. I have chatted wih a few gg's here and they say they will not date boys unless the boys are in dresses and act nice and sweet. These girls do not have any room for the old macho behaviors in the boys. They feel that macho boys are a menace and treat the girls poorly. These girls are saying enough of this and they say being macho is not a good thing with them. So for the boys who read this and say being macho is cool, please think about it hard. Girls do not like that anymore and will not date you or be friends with you. Try being more sweet and kind to the girls. They will enjoy that more. They will go out with you more often if your also in a nice dress too. The wearing of a dress makes you act more cool with the girls. It has nothing to do with your gender indentity. So boys, to better get along with girls, please get rid of your macho tough guy image. It is not what girls are looking for these days. You will also have better communication skills if you act more sweet and kind to them. This will be a good way to foster closer relationships with them too. Treat them like you do flowers, delicate and pamper them.
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It is Definitely Good for males that they get in touch with their Femininity. When men and boys are more Feminine, they are also Less Violent. It is Good for Women and Girls to have a non Threatening male as their Partner. Keep him in dresses and skirts, and you will have a Better life!!

On one hand i love a man who can be not macho, vulnearable and in touch with more so called feminine emotions. <br />
Same as for us women to be more alpha has become the norm, the dynamics of human interactions in these social terms is changing and it is a great improvement; a progress. <br />
<br />
Gender roles are in a flux and people are realizing it's very fluid and we all are masculine and feminine, it's the healthy way to be human. It is an exciting time to be alive :)!!<br />
<br />
And why not, women wear pants and slacks, I think on the fairness quotient alone men shuld be allowed to wear skirts.<br />
I think for sure by ppl who are stuck in their fears and are close minded, he will be attacked. <br />
<br />
However as with any trail blazer and revolutionary person , there will be backlash, sometimes harsh. It is to be expected.<br />
<br />
We have to keep on ahead with our ex<x>pression of individulaity , no matter what. <br />
<br />
**Our lives depend on not repression but ex<x>pression.** <br />
<br />
Live and let live and do your very best to harm no one!!

A person does not have to cross dress in order to be a good human being... and to be kind to other people

Hear, hear and I agree. The strange thing with some gals is that they guy they want to date who they consider is macho isn't want they want when they marry them. They want to change him to be softer, considerate and if they admit it or not more like their best girlfriend.<br />
My wife and I have talked about this very thing and, like she says, with me being a T-person she has the best of both. Amazing ... why try to change someone into something else when there are already a number of us who as T-people are already there.

I have found that girls do like guys better who are in touch with their feminine side. Their wearing of a dress or skirt only improves upon their chances of becoming friends or more with the girls.

Also improves their chances of getting their as* kicked in school day after day. then wanting to destroy the person(s) who raised them to wear a dress later in life.
Let boys be boys. Dont dress them up in women clothing.

I wore panties and a skirt as child and liked it..I now enjoy more being in womens panties and skirts..I feel calmer and more agentl