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Every boy in the world experiences having a ponytail, but not as much as pigtails. Ponytails can be given by surgery, or just your mom putting up your hair in a great way. Pigtails aren't seen as much in 2012 as they wore worn in the 1960-80s. I wore pigtails as a child to special events in my family, Christmas celebration was usually the best time of year to have them in your hair. For church, I had tied back my pigtails to make a double ponytail. Because it wasn't good for those special occasions.

I have seen boys with ponytails in their hair for different events. From school to just having long hair. In wrestling clubs, the boys with long hair ties their hair back into ponytails so it doesn't get into their faces. School events like some schools have a stand up to bullying where you put a ponytail in your hair to stand up to bullying.

Boys in pigtails are girly and it's the way their hair should be most of the time, and ponytails are equal to boys and girls.
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Do you still have long hair and do you still wear pigtails and ponytails

I prefer the low pigtails for the more mature looking woman (loose or even braided for a slightly younger look), and higher loose one for a very young look (but can make them cute by putting colorful ribbons around the base) and looks great with school uniforms of my favorite personal looks. Love'em!