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Organizing A Mass Protest In Skirts And Dresses For Equality

Boys and moms, I would so enjoy you all to organize a skirt and dress movement for your schoolwear this year. Do this in mass numbers. I do stand behind your wishes to do so. For way too long, girls have had exclusive privilges to wear said items. It is now time for you to do the same for wearing to school. Wearing such things is not disruptive to the educational process. School principals and the boards are out of touch with the existing dress codes. I know you have heard about boys being suspended for wearing a dress or skirt to school. The thing that bugs me about that is that they did nothing wrong. All they did was to wear them to express their true selves. 2 boys come to mind with this movement moving forward, Chris Whitehead and Same Saurs. Chris did wear a skirt in protest because he wasn't allowed to wear shorts. Sam wore a dress with his moms support. I would suggest knee length skirts and dresses for you to wear. The colors could be in blues, khakis, plaids, browns, and black. The styles could be a polo style dress with your sneakers or sandels in the warmer weather and you could wear tights or hose with them in the cooler months. Look around, boots and dress shoes do also go well with your dresses and skirts too. You could wear an A line or pleated skirt with your t shirts, polos, and your buttondown shirts and be stylish too. So I encourage you to talk with your moms and dress in them for comfort. It is time for this to happen for equality. Why should girls be the only ones who can be comfortable? But organize and be succesful in doing something like this. You can do this and mom, be there too. We need to move past the old dress codes and propose new ones with updated looks for boys in mind. We do have to move away from the old views as well. Wearing a dress or skirt is going to be the new thing for boys and men. For those who want to say bad things about this, they are not the educated ones who are in the know on this growing movement. So don't be affraid and challenge the old ways. You can do it.
andreaneejustinfield andreaneejustinfield 41-45, T 1 Response Aug 6, 2011

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it is an idea, but i dont think will work.