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It Is Time We Men To Take A Stand

Yes it is time we take a stand for men to be accepted wearing skirts and dresses. I know most men would not be caught dead in a skirt because it isn't manly. But there are many that would. Any man that has worn a skirt or dress for a period of time knows the comfort and freedom from wearing a dress or skirt.

On the basis of equality men are not equal to women in selecting clothing to wear. Men wear either pants or shorts, while women can wear pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses. This makes me feel like I am a substandard human being and that women are superior to men. I don't like the roughness of male clothing that is available for men. We are taught the men are to wear pants and be uncomfortable. Who is teaching us that? Women, society, and our own fears.

I work in an office where women can wear pants, skirts, dresses, and suits. Men get to wear pants or a suit with a tie. Where is the equality?

There is so much inequality today between men and women in the accepted clothing wear that it makes
my blood boil.

So I'm a crossdresser if I wear a skirt or dress. Then any woman that wears pants or a suit is a crossdresser because she is wearing male clothing. Women can't have it both ways and have equality. I'm all for men to wear skirts and dresses if they want to wear them.
Adam59 Adam59 56-60, M 3 Responses Jul 25, 2012

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Yes Yes. I agree with you 100% Hugs xxx

Equality starts with you. The only person you will be able to convince that male skirt wearing is acceptable is you. You are the revolution. Don't even try to change other people's minds. It's your mind that needs to change. You sound bitter.<br />
<br />
So start wearing your skirts in public. I started by wearing a short skirt while taking drives in the countryside. As I became more confident, I went to a gas station and filled up. Then I walked into the convenience store and bought a soft drink. Now on vacations I wear skirts all the time. It's wonderful.<br />
<br />
The world will not end if you wear a skirt. Nobody cares what you have on. They are too involved in their own drama to even see you.

You are right. The only person I can change is myself. I not a asking anyone to wear a skirt just let me wear mine. I am going out very soon in a skirt and let them think what they want.

That's the spirit! Let us know about your first skirt adventure.

Oh you can count on it.

I am wish you the best of luck on getting your book published, you are right about there is no equality when it comes to men and women and the type of clothing we are allowed to wear. Yet it is perfectly okay for daddy to make a tom boy out of his little girls: Yet should mother make a sweet little Jane Boy out of little Billy she will get beat at times to a bloody mess. Or thrown out of her, own house. I have seen this for many years, my sister could wear boy’s pants and yet I was to just try on a skirt other than for Halloween I was everything but a man again I wish you the best on your book.