Allowed Or Not.

Allowed or not... I'm going to wear panties! I haven't worn male crap in 35 years and there is no way in hell that I would ever wear male undies again. I don't wear male undies, I don't own any. On hollidays I get many panties from my wife and daughters.

No one in their right mind would wear male undies when there are panties to be worn. Panties just feel right.

There, I had my rant.

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Cheryl Anne Swanson
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6 Responses Jan 8, 2013

"Allowed" is BS. Just try and stop me! I'm with you 100%

I wish my wife would wear matching panties with me mine are silkier and sexier than hers she wears plain cotton briefs and I much prefer nylon and high cut but at least she's ok with me wearing them and I don't have to hide them

Good for you Cheryl. Rant on for allowing boys to wear pantys. They are more comfortable and cooler.

Wife and daughters? Wife, i get - wife give me panties all the time - we buy matching ones all the time! How did daughters get involved! do tell!

Daughters caught me when they were 13 &15. It is in one of my articles.

You are absolutely right Sherry. After wearing panties all these years male underwear would feel like putting on a diaper. YUCK!!!

Good on you Cheryl - rant on until they hear! At what age did you start wearing panties - possibly when you were older and think of all the fun you missed when you were younger - jaime

I was 6 y/o.