A Picture Asks A Thousand Questions

You might remember some time ago I posted a story in the group "Halloween is coming” about the boy next door who dressed as a girl for Halloween and how very realistic he looked. Clearly he wasn’t dressing just for a lark as he appeared to pay a lot of attention to detail.
Well, the other day I was trimming my hedges on a ladder from which I could see next door’s clothesline. At first I didn’t notice anything untoward – but then something struck me.
I know that only the boy and his mother live there – and they had no-one visiting them and clearly those panties wouldn’t fit the mother!! Also interesting was the insignia on the denim shorts.
I know it was wrong – but I had to take a photo to show you. I will try to post it below – but if I can’t it will be in my album.

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4 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Great your neighbor has the courage to wear panties.

Looking at the photo it is clear they are the boy's panties. That got me wondering - did his mother select them and offer them to him to wear or are some of these panties that he picked out for himself? A boy ought to have panties he really likes.

Great photo. Clearly the mother isn't afraid to hang out her son's panties since clotheslines may be on private property, but are hardly private as to who can see them, of course.

Looking forward to you friending me so that I may check it out.

Hi, done