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Now I believe that most on EP agree that you do not force any child boy or girl to wear an article of clothing that goes against their will. Now that being said, every day 24 hours a day some boy is being forced to dress impart or entirely in feminine clothing. For a veritable of reasons, I myself have witness the forcing of boys to dress in girls clothes. As far back as 1953 when a friend of mind stepmother forced him to dress as a girl then locking him outside allowing the other boys to beat him up.

He took his stepmother to court on child abuse charges with child protection and the public school board backing him and his attorney up. The stepmother stated that she did not believe in spankings also admitting to forcing her stepson to dress in girl’s clothing. The boy was told to tell the truth and he did that very thing. Sad yet true this would against him. Once on the stand he was asked why his stepmother forced him to dress in girl’s clothing. The boy doing as he was instructed told the court that his stepmother dressed him as a girl to punish him for being naughty.

At this point the judge through the case out stating since the boy understands why his mother is making him wear girl’s clothes there is no child abuse and closed the case. At this point my friend’s life became far worse than even before. Now taking the child down town to a local clothing store and started buying girl’s clothing consisting from panties to petticoats, slip and dresses and skirts with nightgowns Later on taking, his own life.

Then there was the case of twin boys, not a block away from where I lived. Foster kids being placed with middle to high middle class family. With two girls who were also tweens. During the day everything was normal: the two brothers went to school, played outside then in the evening they would be given a bath. This is when thing went awry. The boys would be forced to wear girls’ panties and slips with training bras along with nighties then taken across street and made to model and humiliated until they were brought back home and put to bed dressed as girls. The boy complained their case worker who gave it to her or his superiors who would call and the family a date at which they were coming to investigate the accusations child abuse. Some two weeks to a month before they would investigate the claims of child abuse, taking 6 long months for the boys to be taken out of that home. The family only got their hands slapped and shortly thereafter dropped out of the foster care program. To top things off the boys had eye witnesses willing to testify, which were never called or interviewed.

I and my family were at the local mall we had just exited SEARS to the main Mall when a young mother with three boys following her in a single line all three were crying. The oldest boy was right behind the mother pleading with her, “Mommy they are girls, please mommy we are boys please don’t make us wear them-pleases of desperations not only from the older boy also the second boy and the third the youngest just followed crying. The Mother in a very clear voice, “I do not care you are going to wear them so shut the black up Leading them to the girls dress and skirts sections and the petticoats and slips.

My point of view is this **** happens all the time despite the efforts of Child Welfare. I am glad to hear that reading or hearing about boys being forced to dress as girls against their will angers you. For with this reaction things will get done to stop all of this horse ****! Oh this kind of stuff also happens to the girls too.

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The fact that a parent gurdian or other person in a position of power over a child would force them to wear clothing of oposit gender is wrong no question. If a child might wish to try clothing of the opsit gender then they can be alowed to at first this should be done in a some what discreat maner say at home or in a park far away from home town parents must be suportive of their child and only alow the exposure the child is willing I think that a litle boy that showes an intrest in girls clothing should be alowed to explore those feelings it might lead to gender disforic disorder probly will not ,he might want to dress up his entire life or not probly not. he will grow up well balanced and will be true to himself<br />
same goes for girls and we all know that girls never cause eyes to be rased when they chose to wear pants why should a boy in a walking arond in a well fitting dress and accessiories caus a stair <br />
it is high time that boys were given the same choices that girls are about what they wear and that we as a nation do away with the outdated idea of the need for seperat clothing lines for boys and girls <br />
before we as a nation became soo inlighted as we are now it was a comon thing for boys to wear dresses as the expence of buying cloth and the time required to make pants for boys that they would out grow in a short time was sean as a waste and boys would not get their first pants untill they were at least 6 or 7 or evean latter if they had older sisters to hand down dresses to them they might get a pair on knickers to wear to church and to school as long as they treated then well if they didnt then they would go to school in their dresses<br />
so what

Bravo! Thank you for sharing this idea. These are human beings who each have the right to decide themselves who they are. To influence or to force femininity Onto someone who doesn't wish for it is abuse. To some, the abuse will grow an ember of gender variance that can lead to suicide or a lack of social acceptance. Any of us who struggled through our childhood will understand how difficult it is.

Gender identity for more in a child before even racial identity and tampering with a child's gender identity can be very harmful in some children and not in others. I have two children, boy and a girl, who are adults and always dressed them in clothing they approved off. But your story is interesting because don't understand that some types of nonviolent punishments such as forced dressing a boy as a girl can do more damage than beating a child physically.

I agree with you 100% this story is n eye opener. Rather we like it or not this kind of thing take place every day right hrer in our own bck yards and it is time to put a stop to it!

There is absolutely no way any child should ever be forced to wear oposite gender clothing.Especially in public !!!