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Wearing Girls Uniform To School

I was in year 5 about 11yrs old and quite tall about 2 months from the end of year the class (all Boys) for our school had both a boys and girls school within the same school. the teacher decided on a class play for the year end assembly and i was chosen to be the schoolgirl, I took a note home to mother saying i was going to be the schoolgirl in the class play and that another mother would supply the clothes, my mother went to the school our teacher (female) and the other mother decided it would be good and character role building if i wore the uniform to school everyday till the play, It had been decided and that night mum dressed me in my new school uniform green panties black thick tights a white blouse long sleeve and a navy blue pinafore uniform with black shoes, painted my finger nails pink and our girls school red tie. I actually felt good next morning after dressing and mum used hair spray to shape my hair like a girl. At the front gate fear struck me and i ran back inside, but the humilation that was coming next changed my resolve as mum said she would walk with me to school and i had to hold the hem of her dress all the way. At school the boys made fun of me cruelly till my teacher saw me and put me into the girls playground, in amongst many and they accepted me even though their fun was more amorous than cruel. so each day my confidence grew and the school play i was given the Best player award for all the plays. The following year had the same teacher and she cast me again as the schoolgirl and i wore a uniform to school for another 2 months i loved it but no award for this one.
Bevintights Bevintights 56-60, M 6 Responses Jun 28, 2011

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I wish i was in a play like u

yeah i can recall many things that were cruel when i was a little boy but i never did ever get a chance to dress as a girl and just maybe to have been accpted that way i am sure that now loooking back at t it some of the other little girls would have accpted me and w then who really knows maybe i could have finally convinced someone that i should have beeen born a girl and who knows's just maybe somehow i could have been transformed and grown up female oh how that might have really helped matters later! i still wish and would love to go back abd become the little girl i should have been!

I started to wear flats when I was about 8. the first time I wore them to school!

Wonderful story. How has that experiance affected you life?

I absolutely love wearing black tights and i love to see schoolgirls wearing black tights with their uniform

You were so lucky to get to wear your girls uniform to school.<br />
I would have loved to do that<br />
Hugs<br />

I know i would do anything for that

Yes hindsight many a life could have been different