Something Nice And Different This Year For Boys

I feel the time is right for boys to enjoy going to the beaches and pools wearing girls one or two piece swimsuits. It allows for boys to look better while swimming and relaxing. They can show off their slender bodies better in either a one or 2 piece. Some of the suits can be skirted if the boy wants those as well. As far as colors go, anything will do. This does need to be promoted for boys who don't feel comfortable going around topless. It is purely up to them as to what they would like wearing this summer. Lets give them this opportunity to express themselves like this instead of in just boys swim trunks. To me, those don't look very stylish at all. Why not have boys show some leg too. The girls may just like how the boys look this year in them. A little bit of feminity at the beach or pool is a welcome sight to see. So boys get your one or 2 piece swimsuits this year and wear them with pride as summer is fast approaching. You know you would just enjoy wearing them.
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I don't know if Im ever gonna hav kids, but if I have boys I'm going to train and encourage them to wear both boys and girls swimsuits from a very early age.

I wore my one piece suit this summer. Been to the beach several times wearing it.

I like to see boys in swimsuits and to see the outline of their excited little erections.

That's awesome! How old is he?

Exact age doesn't matter, I was thinking more along the lines of him being old enough to know what he's wearing; and he certainly is. I'll bet he wears it openly, loves every minute of it, and doesn't encounter any problems about it. Might even get some girls (or boys) interested in him from wearing it ;)

Now that we're approaching another summer in the northern hemisphere, we need to push this further so that more boys (and men) wear girls (or womens) swimsuits in public. I wear mine every time I swim in our local pool and no-one makes any comments.

Summer is approaching, but it is still so far far away :(

I stopped by the local dairy's store to pick up some milk in August and found in the parking lot about a 13 years old boy wearing a one piece swimsuit and cut off shorts. He was there with his family getting ice cream.

I have worn a womens one piece swim suit. As I hadn't brought one with me, when visiting a friend a few years ago, she loaned me one of hers and we spent the evening in her pool and hot tub. I was surprised that it didn't take long for the erection that I was having to go down, and enjoyed myself the rest of the weekend. I wore her Speedo racing suit for three days and enjoyed it.

I'm jealous. I'd love to have a women lending her suit for me to swim in. I wouldn't think twice! Hard on City!

As a kid,I would barrow my nabores 1 pice bathing suit to swim in and then return it to her. Today I buy and wear 2 pice swimsuits. All swim wear should be nongender.

How exciting and about time. I remember early on in my life wearing a pretty one piece swimsuit and how I liked it ... if was like my best friends, but even they were a bit jealous because mine was prettier.

Boys should be able to wear pretty swimsuits if they so wish too. Too often we put them into trunks that don't look or feel so great.

I can't stand swim trunks or board shorts, I always feel like I am tangled up in them.

how true

"We put them into trunks" I think that's a lot of the problem. The parents buy the boys trunks so that's what they grow up knowing and being used to. Kids like what is comfortable and I think if they were given an option of speedos or a one piece suit, that a lot of boys would choose those instead. It's not all the parents fault of course as trunks are basically all that is available for boys in a regular store.

If I ever have sons, I'm going to buy them one-piece swimsuits as well as traditional swim trunks, and encourage them to try both but wear whichever one they please, and make a point of never referring to either as "boys' swimwear" or "girls' swimwear".
As a woman, I've worn boys' swim trunks before when I was a girl because I was a bit of a tomboy, but I have to say that one-pieces are much more comfortable. Hopefully any kids I'd have would feel the same way. :)

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My nieces son Josh has a one piece swim suit that looks similar to the Wonder woman body suit. It is red white and blue, the red part in a sparkly fabric. He really likes the suit and does plan to wear it swimming this year.