My Bra Connection Wedgie

So I was sitting around on a rainy Friday. My parents were out and all my siblings were with friends. So I sat in my room and was thinking about what wedgie to preform on myself. Then it hit me. A bra connection wedgie. So I took off my short skirt and put on a microscopic skirt. Removed my shirt and bra. I put on the tightest bra I had, (pink one) that was 10 sizes too small. And put on no shirt. I grabbed my white panties and unclipped my bra. Put the leg holes through the bra and reclipped the bra. My panties were up my butt so far it felt good. :) My boobs really hurt but, I had wanted to go 1 whole hour in this wedgie. So for most of it I sat on the couch. Then I had to go pee. I ignored that and went down stairs and rain on the treadmill. My panties went up so high. You could see the to of my V*****. But, all of sudden I had to go poop too. So i crawled upstairs to find out I had 20 minutes left on my wedgie. So I went up stairs and pulled my wedgie up more til you could see my whole V*****. I grabbed a wooden spoon and hit my privates really hard. For the next 10 minutes that is all I could do. Then my sister walked in. "Hey Madison! What are you doing?" she asked already knowing the answer. I gulped and she came over and took the wooden spoon away from me. Frozen in fear I layed there. She winded up and hit my V***** as hard as possible. My privates were really purple not and was swelling. Now I had to really pee. I got up and went to unclip my bra when I pooed my self. It just came out. It smeared all over my butt and fell out. "Oh Madison you dirty girl!" Amber said. I truned red with embarrassment. I sat on teh toilet and peed all over. But, I peed so long. When I was done my sister uncliped my and made my put my panties in my mouth and clean up the bathroom. It was a fair deal because she didn't tell my parents what happened.
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awesome story so funny

I'd like to be your sisters *****

Fair???you peed and pooped in your panties which were also already IN your a$$&p*ssy so yaa