As a result of having anorexia for 7 years, my organs started to shut down,and I was admitted to hospital, I know have bradycardia which is where your heart is suppose to beat 100 times per minute, mine beats 43 time a minute and drops down to 28 while I'm asleep.
I'm always light headed, always feel faint, dizzy and short of breath,& low iron levels because of it.
My hearts been beating at 67 now that I'm pregnant, I no longer have low blood pressure, I feel much better now that I'm pregnant cause its make my heart rate go up & so far it hasn't effected the baby.(:
Nevaehdanielle Nevaehdanielle
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

hi, Nevaehdanielle,
i came on here looking for others experiencing bradycardia and similar symptoms. i'm 55-year-old male, and suffered my first episode last november that included short fainting/synecope. since then i haven't been able to shake this constant fatigue. exercise def. helps because, like w/ur pregnancy, it gets my heart rate up. but i wake up feeling tired.