Bikini Lines

A customer came in to where I work the other day and tells me..I am pale and need a tan!

Without thinking, I went to pull my waistband down to show him my bikini line. I wear a skimpy bikini, and couldn't quite show him without risking showing private bits. I stopped to figure out how to do this in an appropriate manner.

He puts his hands out, turned his head and, pull your pants down. And he blushed!

This from the man who cried on my shoulder a few months back when he found his first grey pubic hair in his crotch! He was quite descriptive and traumatized!

I offered what comfort I could while trying hard not to laugh out loud at him.

When did the tables turn when I don't blush and the men do???

Go figure!
moondancelady moondancelady
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Lol cute!! Go girl

ooooh yeah... let's see those tan lines!

all hea wana see the tan line....and i wana see somethin much better den tan dem the line...and show me the page...=)

I think we all need to see the tan line. lol

Funny! ...and fun. :)<br />
<br />
And, we'd love to see those tan lines, of course. :)

How can I contact u?

I can see you making a man blush

I am learning very wellllll! LOL

are you a real red head & is the avatar really you ?

No, I am not a red head and no, the avatar is not me either. Sorry to disappoint. LOL

hey thats alll cool :) lol was just asking :) so can u still add me pleasee ?? lol ..names kenny

sometimes ep does spill over.... you forget theres normal non pervy people in the world... we have no shame left. happy days

The other lady in my office complains I am worse than her now. She blames EP. I didn't act this way before:)

I totally embarrassed the beefcake instructor at my gym. I told him it was totally unfair doing challenges that involved plank or press ups, as it discriminated against women with big ****, like myself. Then I remembered I was in the REAL WORLD. EEEEKKKKK!!!!

Now that is funny...maybe he liked watching you bounce on them!

I think that all you can blame EP for is coaxing out the perv who always lurked within. :)

SSSSHHHHH...don't say that too loud! LOL

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When I was young, your gesture was called a "freudian slip". BTW, I would have blushed too

Awww I think men who blush are adorable. I also think skimpy bikinis and the girl's who wear them, ROCK!! This story was perfect with my morning coffee!! :D

Bikinis are great, aren't they:)

bikinis are cool but thongs are hotter :) lol sorry moondancelady

Now that i would not wear in public! Lol

I am???*batting eyelashes*