...only the white ones because they are protected in one of my favorite towns that I visit. The gray ones are on their on. I think they are worth 50 points a piece lol.  (Just kidding... do not send PETA my way because I love animals,)
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Ewwww he would have had to have been fur pie. wowo no sexual innuendo intended there because when we got back to the interstate to get him up he looked like a pile of hair. :(.

Some of my East Texas relatives have a name for that fox...dinner! ;)

LMAO - "He ran under the car" Had nothing to do with you making a beeline for him ?<br />
(wiping away the tears)<br />
And your poor friend had to scrape him up and bury him ? too funny !<br />
Awe - at least it was quick and it didn't suffer. RIP :)

LOL iRant. I hate to say this in a funny post but I ran over a fox the other day. I slowed down for the little bossturd and he still ran under the car. I have convinced myself that he was suicidal and I made my friend get him off the road and bury him because I felt so bad. i don't know what I would have done if it had been alive when i went back. <br />
<br />
Cuddly, I have only seen black ones in a zoo.<br />
<br />
Lynz, i am just me girl.

Wait a sec...Maybe on a motorcycle you get a bonus 25 for 'em? Whew. What a relief.

Damnit! I've been counting them at 75 points a piece. Going to take me all night to recalculate my score now.

this is an outrage! im sending the black squirrel army to take all your nuts! teeeheehee :O)