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My mother refused to buy me a bra when I was growing up, and I didn't get my first one until I made my own money and bought it myself. However, for the last 21 years, I haven't worn or even owned one. At first, after my daughters burned all of them, I felt self-conscious, almost ashamed.

But these days, I like the jiggle. It makes me feel very feminine and I can't imagine going back to the old days of constricting straps and always hiding yet not-hiding the fact that I have breasts.

Some say that going braless will make your breasts sag, but I've seen plenty of women who wear them every day and they still sag. Maybe it's in the genes. My mother, who died when she was not much older than I am now, burned her bras in the women's lib movement in the late sixties. Twenty years later, her breasts were still beautiful and firm. I know because she felt they were her best asset, and she often wore blouses that were pretty revealing (which always infuriated my grandmother-who never even tried on a bra, but always hid her breasts under multiple layers.)

My daughters have never worn bras.....and I mean NEVER. Maybe my granddaughters will make at least five generations of breast freedom in my family. May those beautiful breasts never be imprisoned.
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My wife has an issue with women not wearing a bra. I never realized it until my daughter stopped wearing panties and bras in high school. They argued for over a year. Eventually, I made my wife see that her relationship with her daughter is being strained because of a bra and panties, not drugs, sex, grades...but clothes. So, my wife eventually stopped nagging. Now that she is in college, her g/f come over and many don't wear bras and I've noticed that many don't wear panties either. I think when they have to do their own washing, they realize that those items are really not necessary. I have a personal assistant that does not wear panties and rarely wears a bra. My wife has issues with her, despite how friendly she is to my wife. My wife cannot look past the beautiful, erect nipples (or her nice globes when she bends over). I feel sad for my wife. She has per-conceived notions that hinder her life and spirit. She is not open minded, instead she is closed and sad.

Good for your daughter and her friends.
More women should realise the benefits of being bra free!

Many years ago, my elder daughter and I had a similar argument, though not over underwear, but the decision about where she wanted to go to school. I confess, I was behaving like your wife is. My husband maintained a good relationship with my daughter (she's not his) until I got my head out of my ***, and today she and I are best of friends. But I had to admit I was wrong first.

What a great advert for freedom!


I am in a female led relationship with ABF/ANR. My girl friend only wears bras to work. She does not allow me to wear underpants, so we kind of have something in common when we go out. She said she sometimes feels self-couscous about going braless in some places and I feel the same way about no undies but with both agree, it is going to be our way of life. At home, I am naked most of the time anyways and she is to sometimes :)

cudos to you and yes may the freedom continue

Princess, I totally support your freedom. Bras are only worn so that you look like someone else thinks you should look. Be free and continue to be confident.

A nice story.

I am a bra free babe. No Cami, no undershirt...nothing but a la<x>yer of fabric between my girls and the world. Its more comfy and freeing. I wore one for forty years. I'm a very firm DD and feel SO much self confidence without one. I feel empowered, sexy and free all the time. I don't hide them under thick la<x>yers of clothing. I let them show proudly and I get compliments from others all the time. I say to every woman BAN THE BRA!!!!

When we get past a certain age, we don't care what anyone thinks. I'm proud to know that you are out there and feeling your freedom. People know I'm braless, even at work, and because of my job, it's actually an asset, because it lures men over to talk to me which usually causes them to buy something. And my husband loves it when he knows other guys are watching. When not at work, I always try to wear something that allows nipples to show through

I normally never wear underwear and I am usually naked at home. Actually, I love to answer the door naked. If someone comes to my door, they better expect it.