Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries


This is a possible scenario, regarding how two lovebird newlyweds, deeply in love with one another (and deeply in lust with one another), decided to celebrate being married to each other.

In the beginning, Alice was a typical happily-married housewife. In time, she became an un-typical happily-married FEMDOM housewife who, every year thereafter, eagerly looked forward to re-celebrating their wedding anniversary with her very special "significant other" in this very special private way.

Alone with one another.

During their "honeymoon period", one evening, in front of the living room fire place ( a fire place which has never yet seen a real fire ), by mutual agreement, she asked her new husband to lay down on his back on a soft rug in front of the fire place, because something special was going to take place in a few minutes. He already knew what she had in mind. In fact, it was his idea. And at first, he was reluctant to share his novel idea with his new young wife. But he screwed up his courage, and he told her his idea. And at first, as he had feared, she was properly horrified at his thinking. But then, the more that she thought about it, the more she came around to his point of view. After all, they had promised one another to be flexible with each other, and to "try anything once" (or maybe a dozen times) before saying NO.

And now, years later, having experienced for herself what he had initially proposed to her, she has decided for herself that she couldn't possibly have it any other way, that she wouldn't ever have it any other way. And she was glad she had finally agreed to do this with him. Reluctantly agreed. But agreed, nevertheless.

So he had been right, all along. She shouldn't have worried so much.

But that's what wives are "paid" to do.

So on this special celebration night together, she spread out the soft thick rug for her husband to lay on, face up, facing her, in front of the fireplace. And in fact, she put down four soft pillows on top of the thick rug, so that he would be completely comfortable, and at complete ease with what she was going to do. He know what was coming, he expected it, he wanted it, it was totally his idea, and he encouraged her when she momentarily seemed somewhat timid and shy. After all, she was going to...

They had gone to the sexy store together, and they had jointly purchased the necessary supplies together. And because she really didn't know how to do this on the internet, she had watched him over his shoulder get on this special website, and she had observed closely as he ordered this unique "device" (which had her name boldly emblazoned on it), and she had seen him eagerly pay for it with their credit card. And then he had turned around, and he had kissed her, kissed her in a way they never before had done with one another.

And now, the "device" had finally been delivered yesterday. It had taken two long anxiety-ridden weeks to build. And now it was actually here. She could take it out of the cardboard box and unwrap it. She could look at it. She could pick it up (it wasn't so heavy, after all). She could hold it. She could see her own name, bright and shiny. She could rehearse her role, first in her mind over and over, and then with him, lying on his soft bed, in front of the fire place. And now, she had a whole night to re-think her somewhat-reluctant decision. And she finally had decided, if her husband really wanted to do this thing with her THAT much, who was she to deny him this pleasure? This was his unique way of showing her his love for her. And she suddenly felt honored to be loved so deeply, that he would want her to do this "thing" with him.


So she helped him completely undress in the living room in front of the fire place, so that he was "naked as a jay-bird" for her to do this "thing" with him. And in his honor, she was equally without a stitch of clothing on her curvaceous body.

They even had showered together, so as to be totally "free" of the day's accumulated grime. They were newly-minted with one another, starting out this new life together as it were, planning to repeat this "thing" with one another, each year, on their wedding anniversary night.

Alone together.

When he was completely comfortably laying on his back on the pillows on the rug on the floor in front of the fire place, she momentarily climbed on top of him, lay down on top of him, took his sweet face in her two gentle hands, and she kissed him tenderly. And then she silently got up, and began the process.

The first thing she did was to get the various bondage devices out of the box, and attach them to his wrists, and to his ankles, and then attach them to the four hooks in the floor, so that he was properly spread-eagled, and stretched tightly, so he could not possibly move out of position by so much as half an inch. The four connections were very tight, and she pulled hard on the thick ropes, to stretch him to the limit. And then some. Also, she put the special head restraint on his head, a sort of helmut designed to keep his head in the proper position, so that he could properly  see everything, but not move his head, at all. Then she tied the thick ropes across his belly, attaching them to some more hooks in the floor, and she tied equally thick ropes across his shoulders, and across his elbows, and across his knee-caps, so that he couldn't move a muscle of his body in any direction. 

And he certainly was going to want to move. But this was entirely his own idea. He had asked for this. And she had reluctantly agreed.

He was completely safe, and he was completely at her mercy. And that's what he wanted. So....

They both kissed very passionately once again. She again looked him squarely in his eyes, saw only love, but she asked him one last time if he really was ready for what was about to happen. And he smiled at her, and he said that he loved her, and he told her to have a lot of fun.

So she began. Somewhat reluctantly. But she began.

In the fireplace metal grating, she placed the custom-built shiny metal "device" that had been delivered yesterday, the "device" which had her name on it. Then she got out the Propane Torch, she lit the Propane so that it roared into action, she carefully adjusted the Propane flame for maximum strength, and she placed the torch on the fireplace brick floor so that the flame began to heat up her special BRANDING IRON she had placed in the fireplace metal grating, her BRANDING IRON which he had ordered especially for her on the internet, her BRANDING IRON with her very own name, to be used only once, on him, which had her name in big bold shiny letters three inches high, which she was going to sear into his proffered chest, just a couple of inches below his nose.

She was going to boldly emblazon her first name on his naked chest with her BRANDING IRON, she was going to mark her "property" for all to see, for anyone who might happen to be looking at her husband to calmly observe.


But mostly, this was something she would see for herself, several times a day, and be able to touch, and to kiss.

She knew the handle of her BRANDING IRON might possibly get a tad hot, so she excused herself, went into the kitchen, got the thick green cooking-stove safety gloves, brought them into the living room, where her lover was in the tightest bondage imaginable on the floor. She ever so slowly put the gloves on her hands for him to see (a "reverse" ***** tease), tantalizing him with her slowness, and then she began stroking his body softly in several interesting places with her gloved hands, while the propane torch in the fire place roared on, doing its job, heating up her name on her BRANDING IRON to the desired skin-searing temperature.

She glanced over at the fireplace, where her name Alice was spelled out so brightly in thick shiney letters three inches high, saw that one side of her name was beginning to glow a dull red, but she suddenly realized that the propane flame wasn't quite reaching the other side of her name. So she made an adjustment of the placement of the Propane flame, so that it was now heating up the other side of her name. Then she went back to her waiting, willing husband, kissed him again, and she continued slowly stroking him some more with her thick green kitchen-stove safety gloves.

After about five more minutes, both husband and wife were ready, and so was her BRANDING IRON, which by now was bright red all over, the thick letters glowing with a brilliance all their own. Her whole shiny metal name was definitely red HOT, and it would not quickly cool down. Her husband was equally hot, and he would not quickly cool down. And she had to admit to herself that she was very wet and very HOT as well, and she was equally determined not to cool down either.

All three were HOT, and all three were equally ready to go.

As a safety precaution, she removed the Propane torch, turned it completely off, and set it aside, deep to the rear of the fireplace. Then she grabbed the wooden handle of her BRANDING IRON, stood up, walked carefully over to her husband, asked him once more if he was ready for this, and she listened as he said to her: "I love you Alice. I always will love you Alice. Now have some fun for yourself. Do your damndest. And smile big."

She mouthed him a kiss with her lips, and then slowly approached him. She didn't want to botch this. She only would get one chance to BRAND his curvy chest with this flat BRANDING IRON name. Her name. Her very own name. So she approached him cautiously, she held her BRANDING IRON directly above his chest, and she began to lower it straight downwards.

Very slowly.

The BRANDING IRON definitely was extremely hot. Each letter was very "tall", from the leading edge which would touch his chest, to the trailing part of each letter connected to the wooden handle, purposely "tall" so as to retain maximum heat. This BRANDING IRON was not going to cool down prematurely. She could take all the time she needed. She would not get a second chance. Her BRAND had to be perfect the first time. So she was extra careful at what she was doing.

As agreed, she stopped lowering the red-hot iron when her BRANDING IRON was about a quarter inch above his willing naked skin, so as to let all the radiant heat from the BRANDING IRON quietly announce itself to his chest. And he began to scream. She forced herself to go deaf. Then, after what she thought was an eternity, she suddenly plunged her BRANDING IRON straight downward into his chest, with all her strength, just above his nipples, and just below his neck, where they both had agreed her name would have the most visibility. And he continued screaming.

But her concentration was such that she couldn't pay any attention to that noise. She had a one-time-only job to do. She must do it perfectly. She would not get a second chance.

Quietly she began to count slowly to herself.





And she quickly withdrew her BRANDING IRON upward, and out of the way. Carefully she stood straight up. Deliberately and slowly, she placed her BRANDING IRON in the fireplace metal grate in such a way that her IRON would not cause any problems, she quickly took off both green kitchen-stove safety gloves, and she quickly began to release her husband from his rope bondage ordeal, so that he once again could stand tall as a man does, when he kisses his wife in that special sexual way reserved only for happily married folk who want to make babies together.

And they lived happily ever after.

So much so, that every year thereafter, they re-enact this mini-drama together, now with a much smaller BRANDING IRON for her to use on him, which has each year's new wedding anniversary date at the "business end". And after ten years of happily married life together, all ten anniversary dates are duly lined up on his chest underneath the left side of her bold name, one above the other, and now there is room for another ten dates underneath the right side of her bold name, each new date BRAND immediately to the right of its predecessor ten years earlier.

And when his front-side will have filled up after twenty years, there always will be his virgin backside. And a brand new place on his eager body, to emblazon her three-inch bold name a second time, ready for another dual anniversary list of dates underneath, this time on his backside.

And to think, to be a wife, to be his wife, so loved....

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70+, M
Jan 20, 2013